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Home Life, Subscription Boxes March 23, 2015

Detailed February 2015 Surviving Momhood Box

Disclosure: Mama Smith’s Review Blog received this item in exchange for her honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% hers.

Feb Surviving Momhood

I love subscription boxes. Especially when they are personalized to your liking and they throw in something little for my kiddos. I can only think of one box like that – The Surviving Momhood Box! This box is incredible and always comes jam packed full of goodies for me and the girls. I am amazed at them more and more each month. The February 2015 box was all pampering and home goods and I loved everything that came in it.


I am so in love with my Threshold Monogram Pillow Cover ($17 value) and Owl Pillow! I know the owl pillow ($17 value) was most likely in there for the girls, but I love owls. This is my “cuddle pillow” as my 3.5 year old calls it. You can always find me on the couch with my arms around it. I love it! It is super cute and soft and cuddly! The Monogram pillow cover is amazing and is currently being displayed on our couch in our basement game room / media room.


These Purple Sherpa Lined Cozies Slippers ($13 value) are extremely comfortable. These are my go to slippers on cold nights – and sometimes during the day. It is still freezing here in upstate New York so slippers are a must. I love the purple, of course, because it is my favorite color. I think these slippers are super cute as well!

shower stuff

All of my shower and beauty goodies are amazing! The Casabella Bath Storage Tote ($6 value) is just what I needed for our small stand up shower. This keeps all of my shower items in one place and I love it. The shelf in our small shower is too small for anything really, so I used to have a pile on the floor. Now I have it all in my caddy! I am obsessed with my Bath & Body Works Sleep Lavendar Lotion ($5 Value) – I love the way it smells and feels on my skin! The Softsoap Body Butter Coconut Scrub ($3 value) is incredible. I have used this before and I really like the way it cleans and leaves me smelling after a shower. The Village Naturals Therapy Aches & Pain Relief Mineral Bath Soak ($2 value) actually could not have come at a better time. I pulled my neck a couple weeks ago and have been using this to soothe it. It really helps the aches and pains, just as advertised. My girls love their Disney Minnie Body Wash, Shampoo, & Conditioner ($4 Value)! They are always asking to use their new Minnie Mouse soap in the shower. We are almost out and this is a purchase we will be making. And as for the So Fresh So Clean Eye Make-up Remover Wipes ($7 value) – these are just what I needed. I was running out of my old makeup wipes and they had been irritating the skin around my eyes a little bit. These ones have not done this at all and they work great.

shower towl

The Creme Shop Skin Rejuvenating Shower Towel ($5 value) has been a huge asset to my showers! I am loving using it! I feel like it is really exfoliating and cleaning me. It is not too scratchy, which I was a little worried about. It has been a great addition to my showers. I highly getting suggest one!

Jelly Belly 2              Jelly Belly

These Jelly Belly Chocolate Dipped Cherry Jellybeans ($5 value) are amazingly delicious. I could have eaten the entire bag in one night if it were not for willpower! My daughters really loved them too – and I even caught hubby munching on them a few times! They tasted just like chocolate covered cherries – yum!


I also received 5 Yogi Bedtime Tea Bags ($2 value) in my The Surviving Momhood Box. These teas are awesome. They taste great and are perfect to relax with before bed. I love tea, especially on a cold night. These are must try for anyone who enjoys drinking tea!


As I was putting away my tea, I found a surprise in between them! A Camera Charm ($5 value) was waiting in there for me – so this was not on the unboxing video. This charm is super cute and I added it to my floating locket right away. I love to take photos so this was perfect for me.

The Surviving Momhood Box is always customized to represent you and things you like. The longer you are customer, the more they get to know you and your children. I love getting this box every month. It never disappoints! They have a Surviving Kidhood Box now, so be sure to check that out (I am giving one away here).

Subscribe here and tell them Mama Smith sent you!

Home Life, Subscription Boxes March 11, 2015

My February The Surviving Momhood Box

I love The Surviving Momhood subscription box! It is one of my favorite monthly treats that I get just for me. Well, I shouldn’t say just for me – because one of the things I love most about Surviving Momhood is they always add something for your child(ren). February 2015’s The Surviving Momhood Box was all about pampering if you ask me – shower items, home goods items, and of course candy. In another week or two, I will have a full review of all the products I received, but right now I just want to tell you what I got. If you are interested in subscribing to this box, click here, be sure to tell them Mama Smith sent you!

Health & Fitness, Subscription Boxes February 15, 2015

New Year, New You with The Surviving Momhood Box

I am a huge fan of The Surviving Momhood Subscription Box. Just when I think they can’t get any better, they surprise me. They are constantly topping themselves. One of my favorite things about their box is that every month includes at least one item for your child(ren). This way they won’t feel left out – and you get to make your little one feel special too. The January box was all about New Year, New You. Perfect for me because I am currently working on losing the last few extra pounds and getting fit. These boxes are always stuffed to the brim with goodies. You get way more than you pay for – plus you often get to try out new products you would never have discovered if you had not gotten a Surviving Momhood Box. They also have Surviving Kidhood boxes newly available that are totally dedicated to your little ones! Subscribe here, and be sure to tell them that Mama Smith sent you!

Health & Fitness, Subscription Boxes January 29, 2015

#NewYearNewYou – A First Glance at January’s The Surviving Momhood Box

I know I say it every month, but that is because every month it is true. The Surviving Momhood Box keeps getting better and better. Just when I think there is no way they can top their last box, they do it! This month’s theme is #NewYearNewYou and it is full of great products to help you better yourself. I love all me exercise equipment and healthy snacks. This just arrived yesterday and I cannot wait to dig in and get to work! Here is a list of the items that came in this month’s box:

Beauty & Fashion, Kids, Subscription Boxes January 7, 2015

My December Surviving Momhood Box in Detail

I look forward to my Surviving Momhood Box every month. I just know that it will be jam packed full of amazing goodies. Things that I need, things that I want, things that I will keep for myself, and things I will share with my daughters. My December box is one of my favorites so far! It is very very cold up here in upstate New York and my box was filled with just what I needed to stay warm! Subscribe here and tell them Mama Smith sent you!

Subscription Boxes December 29, 2014

Getting Warm and Cozy with The December Surviving Momhood Box

The Surviving Momhood Box has done it again! This box arrived on my doorstep on Christmas Eve and it was the BEST gift this mommy could ask for! Living in upstate New York, it gets quite chilly, so this month’s theme (Baby, It’s Cold Outside) was a perfect fit. I will have a detailed review for you in the coming weeks but first, I want to share with you what I received. Subscribe here so you do not miss what is in store for 2015!

There you have it, another amazing month – another amazing box packed with goodies for me and my little ones! Be sure to watch my unboxing video and subscribe here – tell them Mama Smith sent you! There is now a Surviving Kidhood Box, so check that out too!

I received this free in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
Beauty & Fashion, Food & Drink, Home Life, Subscription Boxes December 5, 2014

Fall in Love with Being Pampered The November Surviving Momhood Box Detailed Review

I swear, these Surviving Momhood boxes just keep getting better and better! I don’t know how they keep topping themselves, but they do. Each month, after I finish my unboxing video, I sit back and look at everything and think “Wow, this is the best box yet.” – every.single.month! Subscribe Here and let them know Mama Smith sent you! They have also just introduced a Surviving Kidhood box which I am REALLY excited about!

Beauty & Fashion, Food & Drink, Subscription Boxes November 24, 2014

What’s in my Monthly The Surviving Momhood Box for November?

Fall in Love with Being Pampered!

I must say, I am pretty obsessed with this month’s The Surviving Momhood Box. This is my third one and I swear, they keep getting better and better – which I would never think possible! Now, this month was a tad different. The Surviving Momhood Box usually contains at least one item for the kiddos – but this month was all about mom! Wahoo! I got some amazing products:

Now remember, not every mom is the same, so not every box is the same. Contents vary – which is what I find so cool about this subscription box! There are surveys that you take along the way so that the company gets to know you and can tailor your boxes towards you properly!

As always, I will have a detailed review up in the coming weeks – once I get to fully use all these goodies! While you wait, watch my unboxing video below. If you are interested, Subscribe Here. Husbands, think holidays? You know your wife/girlfriend would LOVE this box! Who doesn’t love surprises in the mail?

Connect with The Surviving Momhood Box on social media:

Facbook: https://www.facebook.com/SurvivingMomhoodBox
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Surviving5Kids
Instagram: http://instagram.com/the_surviving_momhood_box

I received this free in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
Food & Drink, Gaming, Kids, Subscription Boxes November 10, 2014

Touchdown To Family Time – Surviving Momhood Box

My October Surviving Momhood Box

I think my favorite subscription box right now would have to be The Surviving Momhood Box. I love it because it is filled with all sorts of goodies for you! The amount of items always impresses me! There is usually something for your child too (although the November box will be just for mom!). Be sure to subscribe here for just $30 a month so you do not miss the next one! Make sure you tell them Mama Smith sent you! Each box is personalized to YOU! There are many options to choose from including mystery boxes (check out my review of one here)!

Here are the items I received in my October The Surviving Momhood Box and exactly what I thought of them:


Candy Land Board Game ($8 Value)

We love board games in our house – in case you have not figured that out yet. We play every day and so I am always looking for new games. Candy Land was a great addition to our collection because the girls can easily play it. And I must say, I love this version! It has a spinner instead of cards which is amazing! The cards get bent, ripped, and lost too easily with little ones. Purchase Yours Here

Invincible DVD ($5 Value)

This is a great movie! I do not want to ruin anything for you but it is a great family movie! My girls even paid attention to most of it – which says a lot since they do not like “people” movies as my 3 year old calls them. We have watched it several times already and it has become a favorite of mine (I LOVE Mark Wahlberg!). Purchase Yours Here

Leonard Mountain 4-Amigo Tortilla Soup ($8 Value)

Yum! Yum! Yum! This soup was so delicious and super easy to make! My husband has already asked me to buy more – so I did! It was a great side dish with turkey sandwiches – and perfect for a chilly upstate New York night. Purchase Here

Pier 1 Imports Set of 4 Tasting Spoons ($4 Value)

These spoons are really cool! I felt like such a professional chef using them. I put some of the soup in them for my family to taste before I served it and thought that was really fun. I also used them for cake pops that I ran out of sticks for! Purchase Yours Here

Yes To Products ($9 Value)
I love Yes To products! I have been a fan of them for sometime so I was super excited to see them in my box this month! I received Yes to Blueberry Lip Balm and Yes to Carrots Cleansing Wipes. Shop around their products here – you will love them all! 
Boston Warehouse Grips Football Grip Mitt ($24 Value)
This grip mitt is just what I needed! When I am trying to open jars while cooking, I am always using towels or my shirt to open stuck jars. I have used this several times now and it makes opening things so much easier! I am loving it – plus I am a huge fan of football so I like to rock it! Purchase Here
Monogrammed Playing Cards ($6 Value)
I love to play cards. I am always playing solitaire or begging my hubby to play cribbage. These cards are really nice. I love that they have a T for Tessa (my first name, if you did not know) and that they are pink and black. My favorite color combo! These cards are super cute and I love using them!
Essie Nail Polish ($8 Value)

I was excited to receive some essie nail polish as I was running low on polish. My daughters now love to get their nails painted and always want to paint mine too. I love the color, toggle to the top, it is shiny and pink/red and that makes me happy. 🙂 Find a store near you.
A Football Bowl 
This football bowl is super cute! I use it to hold paperclips and rubber bands and such on my desk.
A travel pack of Tissues ($1 Value)
I have had a cold for about a month now. So I have been going through tissues like crazy. Gotta love the winter weather and season for this stuff. These tissues are super cute and I love them! I have them in my purse for when I am out and about and need one.
A soccer ball, A baseball mitt and ball ($5+ value)
These balls are super fun! My girls love them! As a matter of fact, my 3 year old was quite upset that I would not allow her to take her pink mitt and ball out to dinner the day it arrived. I have since been talked in to letting her keep it on the table next to her while she eats. She has me wrapped around her finger that one…
Play Foam ($2 Value)
This stuff is so much fun! My girls love it! At first, my youngest tried to eat some, but I stopped her. It is really cool because you can mold it in to fun shapes. I can tell it will last us a good long while! Purchase here.
A recipe for Chili Cheese Dip (priceless!)

    A new addition to The Surviving Momhood Box is a monthly newsletter! It talks about this months’s theme and next month’s theme and some of the items you receive (remember, all the boxes are different!). The October newsletter also included a recipe for Chili Cheese Dip. This is one of my husband’s favorites so we had to try it right away. I made some and brought it over to my in-laws for some football and it was a huge hit! I will be making it again and again!
    Watch my #unboxing video below!
    Remember, next month’s box is all about pampering the moms so be sure to subscribe now! What a great holiday gift a subscription (or just one box!) would make for your mom or wife. You know she deserves it! Subscribe here (and tell them Mama Smith sent you!) – she will love you for it!
    I received this free in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
    Subscription Boxes October 27, 2014

    October The Surviving Momhood Box

    This month, I received my second The Surviving Momhood Box subscription box and I love everything! October’s theme is Touchdown To Family Time – for when mom needs a timeout. This box was truly a “surviving momhood” box. It was packed full of goodies for mom and kids! No two boxes are the same because no two moms are the same. I will have a detailed review of all the items I received but for now, I will just let y’all know what came in my box.

    Home Life, Subscription Boxes October 13, 2014

    The Surviving Momhood September Box in Detail

    Making Memories in the Kitchen

    I love baking and cooking with my daughters. Especially my oldest. We have so much fun in the kitchen together. I hope this is something we continue to do together, even as they grow older and start to not care about their mom as much anymore. That is why I was super excited to hear that the September The Surviving Momhood Box was titled “Making Memories In The Kitchen.” In this month’s box I received: a “Just For You Mom” Loretta Halter Top Apron, a Morning Mug, a Fred & Friends Winner Dinner Kid’s Plate, Artistic Accents kitchen towels, silicone pot holder, a picture frame, piggy spatulas, Funfetti cupcake mix, baking cups, Lipton Ice Tea mix, and a Starbucks Via! Here are my full thoughts on these items after getting to use them for a couple weeks!



    “Just For You Mom” Loretta Halter Top Apron ($25 value)

    I love this apron! It is adorable! My favorite thing about it is how feminine it is. It really shapes my body and makes me feel more cute while working in the kitchen. I hate the plain, straight, aprons – they are no fun. This one looks like a little sundress from the front and I love that! The print is so super cute and I really enjoy wearing it. The quality is amazing. It is a really well made apron and I adore it! I wear it all the time while cooking and baking now. And I gave my old apron to my husband to use as a rag in the garage! A win/win for everyone!

    Morning Mug ($6 value)

    This mug is so cute! It is fun and I love that! I collect mugs so I have a lot of them but this one is my go to mug right now. Especially those mornings where I need a good pick me up. It “wakes up” once hot coffee or tea is poured in it. It really is adorable and gets me laughing and in a good mood first thing in the morning. Or at nap time when I need a good pick me up! Buy Yours Here.


    Fred & Friends Winner Dinner Kid’s Plate ($20 value)

    OK, I am just going to come out and say it. This plate is a God send. It seriously is. My 3 year old was in this funk of not eating. She would barely touch the food on her plate at every single meal. To the point where my husband and I were letting her have whatever she wanted for dinner because we wanted her to get some kind of nourishment. This plate changed everything. She always wants to beat her little sister at everything. So giving her food on this plate, she saw that she could beat her sister by finishing her food first! And she would get a “prize” for it – in the form of dessert. I love this plate because it comes with the little cover for the finish line. You can hide whatever you want under there are a prize and your child is not as tempted to eat it first because it is hidden. We use this plate every night. I hand wash it immediately after dinner because I do not want to worry about it being dirty at dinner time. Buy Yours Here.


    Artistic Accents kitchen towels ($8 value)

    I love these towels! They are the perfect addition to my kitchen! They look super cute hanging up on the oven and they work really well. They are great quality and are made really well. I adore the little “pop” they give to the kitchen. My daughter loves the cakes on them. She is always pointing them out to me. Buy Yours Here.

    Silicone Pot Holder ($8 value)

    This pot holder is awesome! I love love love silicone kitchen gadgets! They are great because they are always good quality and hold up against the elements. I have used this pot holder to take things out of the oven, to sit hot dishes on, and even to hold a dip serving dish during a family get together. It is really versatile and I am going to use it time and time again. Purchase Yours Here.

    Piggy Spatulas ($6 value)

    My daughters LOVE these! It is hard for me to keep them in the actual kitchen. I find them missing a lot and always look in their play kitchen and, there they are. My youngest runs around with them yelling “oink, oink, oink!” It is so cute. These are the perfect size for little hands and I love that it encourages them to really help out when baking. My girls love mixing and scrapping bowls with their little piggies! Purchase Yours Here.

    Other Goodies ($5 value)

    As for the picture frame, cake mix, baking cups, and the drink mixes – I love them. The cupcakes came out amazing and unfortunately my girls (and husband) devoured them before I could take any photos! I promise, they were delicious and the baking cups looked adorable! I had never had a Starbucks Via mix before but wow! I will again, that is for sure! And Lipton Ice Tea is a favorite of mine, so I had that the first night I received my box. The picture frame sits on my desk with a photo of my girls and I! It is the perfect thing to look at while working hard at reviews.


    Overall, this is something I highly recommend! For just $25.25 a month (if you subscribe here), you are getting over $70 worth of goodies! Whether you are a man looking for something fun and thoughtful for the mother of your children, a mom wanting to get something special for your daughter who has become a mom, or a child looking for something to share with your mom – this would make a great gift! And of course, if you are looking for a subscription box for yourself, this is the one to get! Each box is personalized for you and no two are the same. Each month has a theme so the items vary and you are not getting repeats if you subscribe for a long period of time. Most importantly, there is always at least one item for your little one to enjoy as well! We all know as moms, the most important things to us, are our kids. So go ahead and subscribe, you deserve it – but make sure you personalize your box before checking out!

    I received this free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
    Subscription Boxes September 26, 2014

    The Surviving Momhood Box: Making Memories in the Kitchen

    My September The Surviving Momhood Box

    This was my first month of the subscription box service of The Surviving Momhood Box. I received their mystery box before (check out that review here), which is a really fun option, but this was my first actual subscription box. I was thrilled when they announced the theme was “Making Memories In the Kitchen” because I love baking with my girls. We always have so much fun. In this box I received: “Just For You Mom” Loretta Halter Top Apron, a Morning Mug, a Fred & Friends Winner Dinner Kid’s Plate, Artistic Accents kitchen towels, silicone pot holder, a picture frame, piggy spatulas, Funfetti cupcake mix, baking cups, Lipton Ice Tea mix, and a Starbucks Via!

    One of the things I LOVE about The Surviving Momhood Box is that every box is a little different. They are customized just for you and your kiddos. There is a surveys that you can take before each month and when you sign up that lets them get to know you a little bit so they know what to add to your boxes. 

    Within the next couple of weeks I will have a more detailed post with reviews of the items I received. In the meantime you can watch my  #unboxing video below! 
    Connect with The Surviving Momhood Box on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Be sure to swing by the website too so you can check all of the amazing things they have to offer. If you sign up here and let them know that Mama Smith sent you, you can receive your boxes for just $25.25 a month vs. the normal $30!

    I received this box free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
    Subscription Boxes August 4, 2014

    Surviving Momhood Mystery Box Review

    The Surviving Momhood Mystery Box Review

    The Surviving Momhood Box is a subscription box service that is designed to help you survive momhood! Anything helps, am I right ladies? This box will contain a minimum of five items for mommy, and at least one for your little – with a minimum value of $42 (and you only are paying $30)! There are 5 different boxes you can choose from that correspond with your child’s age (under 2, 2-5, 5-8, 8-13, and 13+). Boxes ship between the 16th-18th of each month – so if you sign up before the 16th – you will receive that month’s box! The Surviving Momhood Box states that you can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime by the 28th the month prior. The boxes are themed – so check out The Surviving Momhood Box Facebook page to see what is coming up!
    The Surviving Momhood Box also offers a mystery box in three sizes – Small ($15), Medium ($30), and Large ($60). This review is on the medium mystery box that I purchased. Check out my #unboxing video below! I love mystery boxes! I think they are fun! It is a surprise in the mail and you have NO idea what might be in it! This is a great way to check out what one of the boxes might resemble without committing to a subscription. 
    In this box I got Mandy’s Simply Sugar Cookie Thins ($4), Anne Taintor Retro Humor Mug ($22), Bed Bath & Beyond Swim Suit Sack ($10), Fred and Friends Have An Ice Day Icetray ($9), and Green Tree Jump Rope In Purple ($11). Everything that I received is amazing! I immediately opened up the cookie thins and made myself a coffee in the mug I got. That made my afternoon! Somehow, my willpower is winning and I have not finished the cookies yet – although they are more than 3/4 empty. I have been limiting myself to 3 a day. It is really hard because they are SO delicious!

    This happened about 5 minutes
    after opening the box!
    We go to my in-laws pool a lot in the summer. I hate having to lug my huge diaper bag over to their house even for a quick dip. We always have to bring plastic bags to put the wet suits in too and it gets really annoying. I am so excited to finally have a swim suit bag! I have been wanting one for a long time! This was a perfect item to have received! The icetray is really cute and my daughter loves to have smiley faces in her cup now. I use them a lot too because I drink a TON of water. I used to use regular ice cubes but these are way cuter and they make me smile – even when I am having a rough day!

    I do not know how they knew it, but my 3 year old has been BEGGING for a jump rope. Not too long ago she participated in a “fun run” for kids and one of the obstacles was to jump rope. She has been obsessed with learning to do it since then and we just have not purchased her one yet – now we do not have to!

    The Surviving Momhood Box subscription is only $30 a month for a month to month subscription. If you subscribe here, you can get it for just $25.25 a month! Make sure you tell them Mama Smith sent you! You can also purchase them in packages of 3 months ($87.25), 6 months ($160), and a year ($310). They also have a Surviving Kidhood Box which I am super tempted to try for my girls! You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

    I purchased this box myself and was under NO obligation to review it. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
    Kids, Subscription Boxes March 5, 2015

    Surviving Kidhood Box Giveaway

    I have been a fan of The Surviving Momhood Box for quite some time. It is one of my favorite subscription boxes, so when they announced they were going to start a Surviving Kidhood Box, I got really excited! I just knew it would be full of goodies that my daughters would love. The best thing about these boxes is that they are always full of a wide variety of amazing items. I am always shocked by how much they fit in each box. This February box was our first Surviving Kidhood Box and it set the bar high! It was incredible!

    March 28, 2015

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