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Collectibles & Subscriptions, Pets March 7, 2015

February 2015 PetBox in Detail

Khaleesi loves her monthly PetBox. She recognizes that blue box and knows when it is time to sit down and do an unboxing video. It really is so cute to see. I pick up the box and my phone, and she sits down and waits. PetBox is a pet subscription box for dogs or cats. You can subscribe at GetPetBox.com – but if you do, be sure to use the coupon code MamaSmith to get 10% off!

Collectibles & Subscriptions, Pets February 24, 2015

Khaleesi’s February PetBox



My little pug puppy, Khaleesi, is a huge fan of her monthly PetBox. She really has come to recognize the blue box as a box full of goodies for her. When I pick it up, she knows that it means it is time to find out what goodies she is getting this month. Pet owners/lovers you can order a PetBox for your dog or cat at GetPetBox.com – but be sure to use the code MamaSmith when ordering, it will get you 10% off! And who doesn’t like discounts? I know I do! These boxes are always well worth it. Not only do you get more product for your money, you are introduced to products you most likely would not be. February is all about love – and we loved our goodies! In this month’s box we received:

Khaleesi loves all of her new goodies! Look for a detailed review post from us soon – after she has time to really enjoy them. Watch our unboxing video below – she was quite excited for her PetBox! Remember to use the code MamaSmith when you subscribe at GetPetBox.com to get 10% off.


I received box this in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Collectibles & Subscriptions, Pets February 10, 2015

Khaleesi’s January #PetBox in Detail

Khaleesi loved her PetBox this month! I mean, she always loves it – but this month has yielded two of her most favorite toys! Since I only have a dog, you are seeing the dog box, but don’t forget, PetBox has a cat box too! There are several different options so be sure to check them all out at GetPetBox.com – and remember to use the code MAMASMITH for 10% off!

The SPOT Pet Speak Long Neck Chicken is one of the toys I was talking about up above. Khaleesi loves this thing. Come to think of it, so do my girls. My daughter made the chicken go over to the Barbie house for dinner – and had it riding up and down the elevator. Silly kids! It was driving Khaleesi crazy because she just wanted to grab it back and chew on it, but she was being nice and sharing.

Khaleesi’s other favorite toy is the Ruff & Tuff Snake that we got in our January PetBox. She carries this thing around with her everywhere. My daughters love to play tug of war with it with her. It is the cutest thing to see. I am so glad my girls get to grow up with a dog – there is nothing like it. This snake is super durable! Khaleesi usually destroys toys quickly because she is a chewer, but this one has really held out!

This sample pack of Evangers dog food lasted about 5 minutes in our house. Our PetBox came just in time for dinner and Khaleesi was eyeing this bag, so I gave it to her. She scrafed it down so squickly – I cannot even imagine that she tasted it at all. I love Evangers because they are low grain and really a premium dog food.

The Prairie Nature Bison Chewies have no grains, soy, fillers, salt, chemical preservatives, or hormones! Which means I love them just as much as Khaleesi does. These were a real treat for her. They are a great size for her because she is so tiny.

We got a couple of treats from Smart n’ Tasty in this month’s box. There was a bag of Smart n’ Tasty Seafood Melody treats and a Smart n’ Tasty Turducky Twizzies chew stick! Khaleesi immediately grabbed the bag of treats and started running around with it. If you watched the #unboxing video, you would have seen it. It was so cute! She also loved chewing on the Twizzies stick. It lasted about 2 days in our house – which is good for her!

The Copper’s Classics Beef Ear that we got in our PetBox this month was amazing. Khaleesi chewed on it for almost a solid week before it was gone. She loved it so much that we have purchased several more for her. She is still a puppy which means she is quite hyper – but when she had this in her mouth she would lay on my lap and let me pet her for over an hour! That is unheard of with her!

Subscribe at GetPetBox.com – and remember to use the code MAMASMITH for 10% off your order. There are many cat and dog boxes to choose from. Go ahead, spoil your fur baby – they deserve it!

I received this in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
Collectibles & Subscriptions, Pets January 29, 2015

January’s PetBox

Khaleesi is always so excited to open up here PetBox when it comes to the door. I swear she recognizes that bright blue and just knows it is full of goodies for her – OK, I know dogs are color blind, but it is like she knows! You can get a PetBox for your dog OR cat at GetPetBox.com, and when you order, use the code MamaSmith to grab 10% off.

Collectibles & Subscriptions, Pets December 22, 2014

December #PetBox Goodies!

Khaleesi and I look forward to our PetBox every month! We just know it is going to be full of goodies! With the holidays around the corner, we were in a much more festive mood when this box arrived – and I was thrilled to find lots of awesome items for Khaleesi and I to enjoy!

This month’s PetBox included:

Right away, we loved EVERYTHING! In a week or two, after we have time to try out all of these items, I will post detailed reviews on all of these items, so be sure to check back! In the meantime, check out our #unboxing video below.

Now remember, PetBox is not just for dogs, they have cat PetBoxes too! Subscribe at GetPetBox.com and use the code “MamaSmith” to receive 10% off! No catch!

I received this in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
Collectibles & Subscriptions, Pets December 5, 2014

Our November PetBox in Detail

Our little Khaleesi girl is super spoiled and she knows it. We just cannot help but do it though, that cute pug face – we love that little girl. She really is our third daughter! That is one reason we love PetBox so much. We get to try out new treats, foods, and toys! We get to see what she enjoys so we know what to buy her later. Our November PetBox was amazing – as always! You can subscribe at GetPetBox.com but be sure to use the code “MamaSmith” for 10% off!

Collectibles & Subscriptions, Pets December 1, 2014

My November PetBox has arrived!

Khalessi has really come to know that this big blue box means that she is getting lots of new goodies! She gets really excited when she sees it now. I was so happy when the November PetBox arrived because she was in need of some new toys. Be sure to Subscribe Here and use the code MamaSmith to get 10% off your order!

Collectibles & Subscriptions, Pets November 18, 2014

Our October PetBox was Full of Goodies!

Khaleesi’s October PetBox

Pets are a part of the family – they are like a child. So why not spoil your dog or cat this year with a subscription to PetBox? PetBox is a monthly subscription box that is filled with goodies – treats, toys, & more! – for your furry friend! 
Watch the unboxing video that I made with my Khaleesi girl and then read on to see what we thought of everything that came this October!


Treat Simple Dog Treats
These have quickly become Khaleesi’s favorite treats. I mean, just think about it, peanut butter and banana flavor? Of course they are her favorite! I even think they smell good! These treats are baked in the USA and are 100% natural! They are Corn free, Soy Free, Wheat Free, & GMO Free! Purchase Yours Here.

Old Mother Hubbard Soft Bakes
We flew through these Old Mother Hubbard Soft Bakes! They are baked with applesauce and oatmeal and Khaleesi devoured them. They are a great size for a pug like her! Well, they are a little on the big side, but they kept her busy for a few minutes. She actually carried one around for a few minutes before settling in her bed to eat it once. It was adorable. These treats are oven baked and all natural. Purchase Yours Here.

Hatchables Dog Toy
This Hatchables Chameleon by Fetch Pet Products is one of Khaleesi’s favorite toys! It is really cute. You can stuff it in its “egg shell” and make your pup work to get it out. I just shove it in, squeeze the squeaker, and Khaleesi goes crazy on it for 20-30 minutes until she finally pulls it out of its shell. This is a toy that will create hours of fun. And so far no rips or tears! Yay! Purchase Yours Here.

Smart n’ Tasty Treats
These treats from Emerald Pet Products are made with real tuna! I was not sure how Khaleesi would react to them, but she enjoys them! They have no artificial ingredients, flavors, colors or preservatives and are grain free, gluten free, soy free, and dairy free! They contain Omega 3 & Omega 6 for a healthy skin and coat. They are a crunchy treat. Purchase Yours Here.

CMR Joint Health Formula
Joint health is really important in dogs. It helps them live a long and healthy life. I received this bottle of CMR Joint Health Formula in my PetBox, but cannot seem to find much information on it. Because of that, I have chosen not to use these.
Amazing Pet Products Shaggy Squeak and Crackle HedgeHog Dog Toy
As you saw in my unboxing video, Khaleesi made claim to this toy pretty quickly. She loves him! She carries him around with her everywhere. She even took him outside in the snow once and he got really dirty. She did rip a hole in him but I sewed it up and it has held since. Purchase Yours Here.
PetBox truly is an awesome subscription box if you have a dog or cat that you love to spoil! This would make a great holiday gift for them! Subscribe at GetPetBox.com and be sure to use the code “MamaSmith” to get 10% off your entire order! Subscriptions start as low as $9.95!


I received these free in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
Collectibles & Subscriptions, Pets November 4, 2014

September PetBox in Detail

A Subscription Box for your Furry Friend!

I know I am a little behind on the full detailed review of this PetBox, but I wanted to be sure that Khaleesi and I used everything as much as we could before writing this up. Some of them were “long term” items and I wanted to be able to give you my honest opinion of them! If you decide to subscribe, got to GetPetBox.com and be sure to use code “MamaSmith” because that will get you 10% off (you are so welcome!). Remember, they have cat boxes as well!

As a reminder, we received  In our September box, Khaleesi received a pack of 8 refill rolls of Bark+ waste pick-up bags, Petsafe Lawn Protector, Wellspring Bionic Bones nutrient water, a can of Evangers Grain Free chicken wet food, a Petz info QR ID tag, and a bag of Loving Pets chicken jerky treats! Khaleesi and I were big fans of everything!

Bark+ waste pick-up bags ($5.00 Value)
In my first PetBox, we received a poop bag dispenser so I was really excited to get these refills! It was just in time too, as we were running low! Whenever we take Khaleesi for walks, we pick up after her. I think that is a very important part of being a pet owner. These bags are great. They are durable and large enough to hold a lot of…well…poop. Find a store near you that sells these here.

Petsafe Lawn Protector ($15.00 Value)
I am not going to lie, I was a little skeptical about this one, but excited at the same time. I read somewhere a while ago that female dogs’ urine is worse for your grass than males. I am not quite sure why, but I do know that the nitrogen in their urine is what causes your grass to turn yellow. The Petsafe lawn protector is just that, safe for your pet. It is also environmentally friendly. Just put a water puck in your dogs bowl and it will remove excess nitrogen from their urine. I was surprised when after just a couple days I started noticing a difference in the yellow spots in the grass – there were no new ones! If this is an issue with your pup, try these out! Purchase yours here.

Wellspring Bionic Bones nutrient water ($5.00 Value)
This water is a great idea. Humans have nutrient water, why not pets? Khaleesi loved her Wellspring water! We split it up over a few days, but for larger dogs, you could just use the container as a bowl (we did for the last serving). This water is chicken flavored so you know all dogs will love it! IT is made from all natural ingredients and contains only 12 calories. Purchase yours here.

Evangers Grain Free chicken wet food ($2.00 Value)
Wet food is a treat for Khaleesi. She only gets it about once a week. And boy, did she love this stuff! I love that it is healthy and grain and gluten free. Khaleesi ate it right up, so it must have tasted good to her! Purchase yours here.

Petz Info QR ID Tag ($4.00+ Value)
Petz Info is a service that is really easy to set up. You basically link your dog or cat to a QR ID Tag. Once they are “attached” to that tag, they are now traceable. Much like a microchip, but less painful! There is also a “map” on their website where you can post lost and found pets in your area! This a free service, but there is a paid premium option that has more features. For now, we are sticking with the free service. Set up yours here.

Loving Pets chicken jerky treats ($8.00 Value)
Khaleesi loves her treats! And I love natural treats for her. So these are a big hit with me! They only contain Chicken, Brown Rice Flour, Honey, Garlic, Sea Salt, Mixed Tocopherols, & Rosemary. And Khaleesi seems to enjoy them a lot! My favorite thing about them though, is that they are made in U.S.A.! No additives, by-products or artificial preservatives. Glycerin, gluten, soy and wheat free. Purchase yours here.

Every pet deserves to be spoiled! Subscribe to PetBox today at GetPetBox.com and remember to use that code “MamaSmith” so you can get 10% off your entire order! They start at just $9.95 a month – well worth all these goodies!

I received this free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
Collectibles & Subscriptions, Pets September 25, 2014

September PetBox PLUS Get your first month FREE!

September PetBox Items

Since this was our second PetBox, I think Khaleesi knew what the big blue box was when it arrived! She started going crazy before I even put it down! PetBox now offers fully customizable boxes starting at just $9.95 a month. And you can add as many items as you like and still receive FREE shipping! If you decide to order one, click here and be sure to use code “MamaSmith” because that will get you 10% off (you are welcome!). In our September box, Khaleesi received a pack of 8 refill rolls of Bark+ waste pick-up bags, Petsafe Lawn Protector, Wellspring Bionic Bones nutrient water, a can of Evangers Grain Free chicken wet food, a Petz info QR ID tag, and a bag of Loving Pets chicken jerky treats
In a couple weeks I will have a detailed post about what we thought of all these items. We are so excited to start trying them out but in the meantime, watch our #unboxing video!
Right now you can get your first month FREE by signing up here but be sure to still use code “MamaSmith” so that you can lock in 10% off on any future deals – and so PetBox knows that Khaleesi and I sent you! This FREE PetBox (you will have to pay $4.99 shipping & handling) is only valid until October 31st so get yours now!

I received this box free in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
Collectibles & Subscriptions, Pets August 21, 2014

August PetBox in Detail

Now that Khaleesi and I have had a couple weeks to really test everything out from out first PetBox (see my original post here), I have decided to delve into the depths of each item and what we thought about them! Remember, if you want to get your own PetBox for your dog OR cat, just visit GetPetBox.com! Be sure to use the code “MamaSmith” so that you can receive 10% off your order!

Alcott  Essentials Adventure Bowl

We love this bowl! It is compact and easy to carry when out for a walk or a puppy play date at the park! Pugs get overheated very easily so this is really handy to have with us! I keep it in my purse when we go out. We bring Khaleesi to my in-laws house a lot and we set it up in their grass – all the dogs share it and it works really well! It dries super fast and does not leak. If you take your dogs to the park a lot, or even just outside, this is great for you! I always bring a bottle of water with me on walks and can now take this too to share with Khaleesi! You can purchase an Alcott Essentials Adventure Bowl for just $9.99 on their website

fordirtydogs dry shampoo

This dry shampoo is amazing! Khaleesi gets pretty dirty for a little dog. I swear, she rolls around in the grass and dirt every single time we go outside. And you really shouldn’t give your dog baths everyday of course, so this works great! It smells really good – I got the Grapefruit & Lemongrass but they have other scents, as well as unscented. Khaleesi actually loves when I use this because she gets a little massage out of it! This dry shampoo is 100% natural, which is what sold me on it! You can purchase your 8oz tub for $10.00 on the fordirtydogs website here. I received a 4oz tub. Be sure to check out their full website for other fun doggy cleaning products! 

Clean Paws Doodie Bags

I hope everyone who has a dog, picks up after it. There is nothing worse than seeing doggie poop on the road during a walk, or at the park – or sometimes on my lawn! I hate it. I always pick up after Khaleesi (and my dogs before her), it is just the considerate thing to do. That being said, I have used bags like this before, but when our dog was hit by a car a couple years ago we tossed EVERYTHING because we did not want to look at it. Except his collar, we took that with us when we moved and buried it under a tree – R.I.P. Draco. <3 But that being said, I did not know that recycled bags were an option! I LOVE that about these! Y’all know me and my “Go Earth!” attitude, haha. I love that this dispenser clips right on my retractable leash and is ready to go! Check out all of Doodie Bags products here – this particular set I received, is only $3.49! 

Be Pawsitive oven baked treats

In my PetBox, we also received Be Pawsitive Organic Oven Bakes Treats! They do not use gluten or fillers in their treats, which I love and so does Khaleesi! There are so many fun flavors to choose from – Banana Split, Cheesy Berry, and Pizza Party – just to name a few! One of my most FAVORITE things about Be Pawsitive is that when you purchase a bag of treats, they send one to a shelter dog with no family. How amazing is that? Definitely a company that I want to support in the future! You can purchase your own 11oz bag on their website here for $12.95!

Piggy Twizzie

This was probably Khaleesi’s favorite item that came in her PetBox! She spent every night for a week slowly working on it and it is now gone.  Since she is so tiny, I wanted her to space out eating her Piggy Twizzie – she would have devoured the whole thing right away if I let her. She would growl at me every night when I would take it away from her. We are going to have to buy more of these for her. Twizzies are made in the USA and come in Piggy (pork), Turducky™ (turkey and duck), and new Chicky (chicken). The twizzie did not smell, which some things like this do. I was most excited about that! Check out their store locator to find them near you! 

Rope Toy from Pawtastic Fleece Pet Toys

Khaleesi LOVES this toy! As you can tell from the photo, she will hardly sit still when it is in her presence! I could not get one good photo and I tried for days! Whenever she comes downstairs in the morning, it is the FIRST thing she looks for. She carries it with her everywhere! This came from Pawtastic Fleece Pet Toys on Etsy. They have lots of fun, handmade, dog toys that range from $5.00 to $30.00. They even do custom items!

So, overall, I think our first PetBox was a HUGE hit! With Khaleesi, as well as me! We love every single thing! Don’t forget, you can order a PetBox for your cat as well! If you use code “MamaSmith” you will get 10% off your order, so why not try it out for a few months?! You will be glad you did (and so with your furry friend)!

I received this free in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
Collectibles & Subscriptions, Pets August 10, 2014

Khaleesi’s First PetBox

August PetBox

We were so excited to get our first PetBox in the mail yesterday! PetBox is a monthly subscription service for your pets! Every month, you get a box full of goodies for your fur baby at your door! Khaleesi pretty much attacked the box when I brought it in! This month we received an Alcott  Essentials Adventure Bowl, fordirtydogs dry shampoo, Clean Paws Doodie Bags, Be Pawsitive oven baked treats, a Piggy Twizzie, and a rope toy from Pawtastic Fleece Pet Toys! Watch the unboxing video below!

#Unboxing Khaleesi’s first #PetBox!

Khaleesi is a SpokesPuppy for PetBox and we will be reviewing these boxes monthly! I intend to do one initial post when we receive it, and then a more detailed post once I know what Khaleesi likes and doesn’t like about what we received. Khaleesi has her own instagram account and you can follow her at pug_khaleesi – to see what she is up to!

Connect with PetBox on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out their website – GetPetBox.com – to place your order now! You can choose to receive a dog or cat PetBox – and they start at only $7.95 a month. This is a great way to try out new deluxe products for your favorite animal! Remember to use code “MamaSmith” when placing your order as you will receive 10% off!


I received this product free as part of my dog being a SpokesPuppy. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
March 28, 2015

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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathmatics)



Collectibles & Subscriptions, Food & Drink, Pets December 3, 2014

Conscious Box Review & Giveaway

Healthier Choices

I have always been someone who cares about the environment, and over the last year of my weight loss journey, I have grown to really care about the things that I put inside my body. That is why I was so excited to learn about the Conscious Box. Filled with hand selected food, bath, beauty, and home products that are good for you – and the environment – this box contains healthier choices for all walks of life. The offer a Classic, Classic Plus (more premium and full size products), Vegan, and Gluten-Free box! Once you discover products you love, you have the option to purchase them through Conscious Box at a discounted price! I was on pins and needles waiting for my Classic Plus Box and was not disappointed! This is what I received in it:

One of my favorite things that came in my box is the Me and The Girls – Vegan Lip Moisturizer. I am pretty obsessed with it and I carry it with me wherever I go. It has gotten pretty chilly already up here in Upstate New York and I need to fend off chapped lips whenever I can! I must say, I was pretty hesitant to try the Primal Pit Paste that was included, but I actually really like it. It is lavender scented, which I love, and actually works really well. I smelled fresh all day! This Xlear Nasal Spray could not have come at a better time. I have been fighting stuffed up sinuses for weeks. 

Bolt Tape is great for runners! It is a product my husband has actually used for years and years. He was a track star in high school and swears by it. He stole this from me almost immediately. 

My bar of soap from LifeSoap is simply amazing. It is again, Lavender scented, which is my favorite scent. Especially when it comes to bath products. They always relax and calm me – and that is just what I needed during this stressful Holiday season!

These Somersets Shaving Oils really surprised me. I tend to stick with what I know when it comes to shaving creams and oils, but figured I would give this stuff a try. I am so glad that I did. I feel like I got a closer shave and – and I had NO razor burn. NONE. I always get at least a little bit of razor burn. I will definitely be purchasing these in the future! 

This Amki Sesame Snaps snack bar was delicious! This was another thing I was a little skeptical about. I like sesame seeds on my buns and stuff, but I was not sure how I would like them in bar form as a snack. It was actually really really good and I recommend trying these!

I have had Justin’s Almond Butter before. It is pretty popular in our house. I received the maple flavor – and it is delicious. I enjoy it on a piece of toast or a bagel in the morning. My husband likes it in a sandwich with jelly.

Conscious Box asks about you and your life. They knew I had a puppy and so they sent along these all natural treats for her from Treat Simple. Khaleesi loves these! She actually received a full size box in her October PetBox. I was super excited to receive more of them since they are one of her favorite treats.

You can watch my unboxing video below.

Liked what you saw? Subscribe to Conscious Box Here and try out your own hand picked box of Earth friendly goodies!

**COUPON CODE** Use the code FREE TRIAL to receive your first box free to try – just pay shipping costs.

Have Instagram? Well then head on over to my Conscious Box Instagram photo and enter to win a #free 3 month subscription (a $60 value) to a Conscious Box of your choice (vegan, gluten-free, or classic)! Simply comment on this photo and follow @Tessa424 (me) and @consciousbox on Instagram! You can earn additional entries by tagging friends and/or by reposting the pic using #livingconscious.

I received this free in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.