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FanGirl Friday, Subscription Boxes September 2, 2016

The Best Pokemon GO Accessory & More Inside This Month’s Geek Fuel | #GeekFuel #PokemonGo

Geek Fuel is a monthly mystery subscription box that is geared toward geeks, nerds, gamers – like myself. It is my favorite subscription box for a few reasons. There is always an exclusive T-Shirt, there is always a downloadable Steam game code, and there are always exclusives. Geek Fuel stays relevant to what is going on in geek culture as well – for example, this month’s box included Suicide Squad and Pokemon Go themed items! This month was definitely one of my favorites and I can’t wait to tell you about what was inside. Subscribe here and get yourself a FREE Star Wars Bonus Item in your first box!

FanGirl Friday, Subscription Boxes June 24, 2016

June 2016 Geek Fuel: Super Mario, Pokemon, & Sherlock | #GeekFuel

Geek Fuel is a subscription box that caters to geek, gamers, and nerds like myself. It is hands down one of my favorite subscription boxes out there and I am always excited to see what is inside. This month featured some Super Mario, Pokemon, and Sherlock items! Super Mario and Pokemon are big favorites in our house – so these were really cool to get. I must admit, I have never seen Sherlock (I know…) but I plan to binge watch at some point soon. I am, however, excited about the comic book that came in this box! If you subscribe to Geek Fuel here, you will get a FREE Star Wars bonus item!

FanGirl Friday, Subscription Boxes January 29, 2016

Geek Fuel Starts the Year Right with the January Box | #ResidentEvil #GeekFuel

I know I have said it many times, but Geek Fuel is by far my favorite geek and gamer themed subscription box. They always include an exclusive T-Shirt, a video game download code, and a contest/giveaway of some kind – not to mention the card they put in the box that talks about all of the items you received! This month was just like all the others – amazing! Items from Resident Evil, The Flash, and even Star Wars had me super excited (just watch my unboxing video if you don’t believe me)!

FanGirl Friday, Subscription Boxes December 25, 2015

Geek Fuel ends 2015 with a Bang! | FREE $30 #StarWars BONUS Pack | #FanGirlFriday #GeekFuel

I know I probably sound like a broken record when I talk about Geek Fuel – but it really is my favorite geek themed subscription box. I have tried all of them that are out there (trust me) and Geek Fuel is a cut above the rest. They always have some sort of fun giveaway or contest, a game download code (or 2), and an exclusive T-shirt. These shirts are always incredible. I wear them with pride and I am always getting compliments on them. In fact, when I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens this past weekend I wore my resistance shirt from my November Geek Fuel and everyone was asking where I got it.

Entertainment, Gaming, Subscription Boxes November 23, 2015

November Geek Fuel #SubscriptionBox + #BlackFriday #GeekWeek Deals | #GeekFuel

Disclosure: Mama Smith’s Review Blog received this item in exchange for her honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% hers.


I am always excited when my Geek Fuel box arrives. I know it is going to be filled with items that a geeky gamer mom like me will love. I have been a gamer as well as a geek for as long as I can remember. As soon as I found out about Geek Fuel – I knew it was a subscription box that I would love. And boy was I right. This is hand down my favorite subscription box.


I love that every box includes an exclusive T-Shirt, a video game download code, Geek Fuel Magazine, and some sort of fun giveaway or contest. The November box is probably my favorite so far – although, that is hard to say because every time I get a new Geek Fuel box it becomes my favorite. They are always outdoing themselves! This box had a lot of gamer focused items which made me really happy. The giveaway was focused on Fallout 4 – subscribers were sent a Vault-Tec Security Key Card with a Technician ID and Clearance #. We were also given a website where we could try to login to see if we won the grand prize (a Playstation 4/Fallout 4 prize pack!!) and if you were not the gran prize winner, you could enter the second chance giveaway is an XBOX and Fallout 4 pack.


One of my favorite items in this box is the How Video Games Are Made Mini Book. It is super cool and includes a download code for Defense Grid 2 which is a super fun game! Also inside the box was Pac-Man Salt & Pepper Shakers (which I proudly display on my dining room table), Ghostbusters Playing Cards, Hunger Games MockingJay Sticker, and a War Never Changes Propaganda Poster. The Exclusive T-Shirt that was included in the November Geek Fuel box is one of my favorite Geek Fuel shirts ever. It is a Star Wars Resistance shirt “Assemble the Resistance” and it is amazing. There is no other way to describe it. I would wear it every day if I could. Subscribe here.

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This holiday season, Geek Fuel is bringing you Geek Week during the week of Black Friday! There will be so many amazing deals, check them all out below.

Geek Fuel’s Geek Week Black Friday Deals

geek fuel geek week

Monday, November 23rd, 2015: Star Wars $30 Bonus Pack

Free $30 Bonus Star Wars 2

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015: Bonus T-Shirt

bonus t 2

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015: 3 Game Bonus Pack

3 games free 2

Friday, November 27th, 2015: Five Dollars Off

$5 off 1

FanGirl Friday, Subscription Boxes August 28, 2015

August 2015 Geek Fuel | #GeekFuel #Marvel #Fallout4

I am a sucker for subscription boxes. Something about getting a box full of surprises intrigues me. And when they are geek and gamer related? Well, that is even better! Geek Fuel has been my favorite subscription box from the second I opened my first one. Every month you receive an exclusive T-shirt as well as a game download code – both of which make this a fun and unique subscription box. Every box also includes the month’s issue of Geek Fuel Magazine which features photos of subscribers, a geek gift list, and articles about relevant geek and gamer things. If you subscribe using this link, you will get a bonus item with your subscription! Who doesn’t like a little bit extra? The August 2015 box was just as good as its’ predecessors.

FanGirl Friday, Subscription Boxes May 29, 2015

May 2015 Geek Fuel – Featuring Mama Smith!

Geek Fuel is currently my favorite subscription box. It is always filled with perfectly geek, nerd, gamer related items. I just keep getting more and more impressed with them. One of my favorite things about Geek Fuel is that every month they include an exclusive shirt. The May 2015 box was great! The T-Shirt was cute, but I am not huge in to Doctor Who (gasp, I know) so it looks like I have some catching up to do before I can fully appreciate it. Along with the shirt came a “concert ticket stub”. On June 1st, Geek Fuel will be announcing the winner of a Doctor Who themed mystery box! I love that they do fun promotions like this all the time – last month several of their members received free tickets to go see Avengers! I was excited to see that I was featured in the Geek Fuel Magazine this month! My subscription is up and I am trying to decide if I will be renewing it or not. Most likely, I will be.

FanGirl Friday, Subscription Boxes May 1, 2015

FanGirl Friday: April 2015 Geek Fuel

My favorite subscription box right now is Geek Fuel. Hands down. I pay for it totally out of pocket so that should say a lot. I ended a subscription with another geeky box company (no names here) so that I could get Geek Fuel every month. I love the fact that they include an exclusive tshirt every month. And the fact that the three I have received are my favorite shirts ever, well, that’s just icing on the cake.