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Kids, Subscription Boxes August 22, 2014

Austin Lloyd Box

The Perfect Box for Your Little Love

I was so beyond excited to receive a box from Austin Lloyd for my 19 month old! She was so giddy opening it up! The great thing about this box is that they tailor the items to your child’s developmental stage – and the items they send are just gorgeous! Every single thing was extremely high quality and perfect for my daughter. The Austin Lloyd Box August theme was Forest Friends and it included Forest Blocks, a TouchThinkLearn: Numbers book, a Racing Ladybug, & a Moulin Roty Fox Mask. I also received a “Fun Fact” about my daughter’s play level – I selected 19-24 months as well as a paragraph on each of the items I received. I could not be any happier with this box!

Forest Blocks (Retail $14.99)

My 3 year old has been helping her sister to “make the pictures” every day since we received these and it is the cutest thing in the world to watch. She is so gentle and loving with her little sissy. There are 6 different puzzles to create with these blocks and each one has a different color border. This is really helpful for little ones to understand how they fit together. Sometimes my girls have fun and put different heads on different animals and laugh because they think it is silly. These blocks are very sturdy and I think they could withstand a lot of hard use. I forsee these being a favorite in our house for a long time. 

TouchThinkLearn: Numbers (Retail $10.79)

I am totally, 100%, in love this book. I have never seen anything like it before and I think it is amazing! This book counts from 1 to 10 as many children’s book do, but it does not stop there. Each number is cut out so that your child can feel the number – and then – each number has raised circles as part of a photo so your child can count them by feeling them! Austin Lloyd points out that this book is multisensory and hands on: see the image, trace its shape, say its name… My daughters love this book! My 3 year old reads it to my youngest all the time, several times a day! My 19 month old has even started to point out the “bubbles” and “wheels” as she feels the raised circles. I plan to look in to the other TouchThinkLearn books!

Racing Ladybug (Retail $8.00)

Every child loves cars that go “vroom” – it is a fact. My girls LOVE the cars that you pull back on and they fly across the floor. Ladybugs also happen to be my 3 year old’s favorite bug so she pretty much stole this from my youngest immediately. She takes it with her everywhere. The ladybug is wooden and I am always looking for wooden toys. They are so much better than plastic! I love that it is heavy duty and durable. That is important in a toy like this because you know it will get a LOT of use – and will most likely crash in to many, many objects as it races around.

 Moulin Roty Fox Mask (Retail $35.00)

This mask is absolutely adorable. I am obsessed with the little snout. It looks so cute on my daughters! My 3 year old has pretty much confiscated this one as well. She loves to wear it with her princess dress and tell me she is a fox princess. She also runs around singing “What Does The Fox Say?” as she is wearing it – yeah, that song will never get old…ha! The Moulin Roty Mask is extremely well made and the detail is impeccable. I really cannot say enough good things about it. I am so happy to have this added to our dress up corner, it will get a lot of use!


Something really cool and exciting that Austin Lloyd does is their donate program. When/if you are done with your toys and books, you can contact Austin Lloyd to send you a prepaid shipping label. You can then ship your items back to the them and they will donate them to a child in need for you! If you do not plan to pass these along to family or friends then this is an easy way to give back!

Austin Lloyd boxes have several plans available so you can choose what works best for you! Boxes come in 1, 3, or 6 month subscription packages starting at $44.99 a month. I think this price is well worth it because you get such quality products. My box would have cost $49.99 and the retail value was $68.78. Most of these are products I would have never known about if it was not for Austin Lloyd! You must order by the last day of the prior month to receive the next month’s box – which means you still have a little bit longer to get in on September’s box! Connect with Austin Lloyd on Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest to stay in the loop about any deals they may run!

I received this box free in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

March 28, 2015

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