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Food & Drink, Subscription Boxes July 3, 2016

Sample Other Cultures with Try the World Subscription Box – Free Box! | #TryTheWorld

I love this box. I have personally never traveled overseas, but my husband has. He likes these boxes because they bring him back to his time there, and I like them because I feel as if I am transported there. I love trying different foods and learning about different cultures and that is what I get with Try The World! The most recent box I received is the France box and it came with some amazing items. Not to mention the insert that discusses French culture – and even shares a few recipe ideas for some of the items.

Food & Drink, Subscription Boxes July 7, 2015

July/August Try The World Box Heads to Japan!

I love the Try The World subscription box. My husband got to do a lot of traveling while he was in the United States Navy, but I have never left North America. We are hoping to be able to travel when the girls are a tad older, but that is several years away. Try The World brings foods to you from around the world. Each box is themed and you receive treats as well as other foods. They also include a little booklet that discusses the culture of the place where you are sampling the foods. It is like traveling around the world, without leaving your home!

Food & Drink, Subscription Boxes May 17, 2015

Try The World: Buenos Aires Box

I am a big fan of subscription boxes because I am usually introduced to products and companies that I normally would never know about. Well that is true and then some when it comes to Try The World. This is one of my favorite boxes because each one is themed to an area around the world. I wish I had the time and money to travel, but I just don’t. At least not right now. With Try The World, I can feel like I am in that country and sampling their foods. I have received a box from them before and loved it (Read about the Venice box here). The Buenos Aires Box was just as good – maybe a little better – they are close.

Food & Drink, Subscription Boxes January 19, 2015

Try The World Subscription Box

I have always wanted to travel to Europe. My husband got to see many places around the world when he was in the Navy and he keeps telling me he will take me one day. One of the places he always raves about is Venice – so imagine my surprise when I opened up my Try The World box and saw it was Venice themed! I was thrilled – and so was he!

The Try The World Venice Box was filled with delicious goodies! I immediately noticed a big tin of Mogi coffee. I love coffee – I mean, come on, I am a stay at home mom of two hyper little girls, how else would I function? I opened this up and smelled it right away. Heaven is about the only way to describe it. The flavor of this coffee was great too – my husband and I both enjoyed it.


The next thing I noticed in my box was the Pastificio Dei Campi pasta. We love pasta in our house. In fact, Olive Garden is probably our favorite restaurant and I always get pasta meals. This pasta is handmade and to die for. I like my pasta al dente and this package was fantastic. We cooked it with the Urbani Tartufi red pesto and truffles sauce that was also included in the box. What a great meal!

After a delicious dinner it was time for dessert. Lucky for us that was included in the box as well! There were little lemon candies called Leone which my young daughters have fallen in love with. They ate them up very quickly and I only got to have two! The Venice Try The World Box also included a large chocolate bar, Perugina. That was yummy! It has a hint of hazelnut and I could have eaten the whole thing by myself, but was nice and shared with my husband. The last bit of dessert included in the Venice Box was two Venchi nougat chocolate sticks. I had one and my husband had the other. We both loved the flavors – and it went great with our Mogi coffee!

The Venice Try The World Box also contained something that was not on the card – a mystery treat! It was some amazing Melata di Bosco honey! We love honey in our house. I enjoy it on bread and even in my tea as a natural sweetener. I think this subscription box is really unique and fun. A lot of us will not be able to travel everywhere in the world in our lifetime – OK, most of us will not be able to – and Try The World is a fun way that we can still sample foods from those places.

If you buy a subscription to Try The World here, you will receive a Venice Box plus a FREE Paris Box as a bonus box!

Would you like a 30% discount code for Try The World? Well you can get it off your first box using the code MAMASMITHTRAVELS.  Please note that this code only applies to subscriptions and not to gifts.

Please note that the above offers do not combine.

I received this box in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


Shopping & Gift Guides February 16, 2016

The 2015 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Women and Their Pretties and Mama Smith’s Reviews has teamed up again for another Two Blogs Fun Guide. Love is in the air and we are here to help you spread the love with some of the very best gifts that were tested and approved by us. Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, you can shop from this list to romance your hubby or wifey. Maybe you are buying for a friend, kids, or a family? That’s fine too! We have a great list of products that everyone will love! Thanks for reading the 2015 Valentines Day Gift Guide.

March 28, 2015

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