Guest Post by Author, Certified Nutritionist, Weight Loss Specialist and Mayo Clinic-certified Wellness Coach Lorie Eber.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you great moms out there! I hope you’re having a happy, healthy celebration. Yes, I put happy and healthy in the same sentence—because we are happier when we’re living a healthy life. And what better time to start than today, the launch of National Women’s Health Week?

As a certified Nutritionist, Weight Loss Specialist and Mayo Clinic-certified Wellness Coach, I help people lose the extra weight and restore their good health through simple yet life-changing behaviors. I help my clients learn to stop treating food as the enemy and to develop a positive relationship with food that will last their whole lives.

This is major when you consider that we are surrounded by junk foods manufactured with the evil intent of addicting our taste buds by getting the pleasure centers of our brains hooked. That’s why I titled my new book 40 Ways to Leave Your Lover: That Would be Junk Food. Yes, this is one lover we definitely want to kick to the curb—and you can start right this minute with the following tips.

Eat in a Chair

Eating while standing results in shoveling in every tasty leftover in the fridge. Eating while driving results in major denial. Sit down at a table and use eating utensils.

Make Eating the Main Event

Multi-tasking while eating leads to alarming numbers on the bathroom scale. Somehow the Cheetos bag is empty even though you swear you only had a few. Apply your brain to savoring your meal and you’ll feel satisfied while eating less.

Your Fork Won’t Run Away

You pick up that fork and hold it in a death grip until you’ve devoured every last morsel. You eat at NASCAR-race speed. Put your fork down between bites and you’ll eat less and enjoy more.

Aging is No Excuse

It’s tempting to blame your weight gain on your snail’s pace metabolism. It’s easy to give up, let excess weight accumulate and sit all day. Fight to the death; eat more lower calorie foods and acquire more muscle.

Take Shortcuts

You go to the farmer’s market and overbuy with the best of intentions. You stock your fridge with healthy food that rots. Be a realist and buy frozen.

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