3 Fellow Bloggers I Would Love to See Speak at a Conference

I was recently asked who my ideal conference panel of bloggers would be. It took me all of five minutes to think of a handful of bloggers that I would love to learn from and why. I admire a lot of my fellow bloggers, so please don’t feel offended if you are one and I did not mention you. These are the ladies that popped in to my head immediately because I know I could learn a thing or two from them.

Joyce Duboise – WomenAndTheirPretties.net

This girl KILLS it with her Instagram account. She always takes the perfect photos and I would do just about anything to get some tips from her. I can guarantee you this girl has never taken a bad photo. From beauty shots, to travel shots, to product shots – she has perfected them all. I know that she could teach other bloggers a thing or two about growing and maintaining their Instagram accounts.

Shelley & Jennifer – AMagicalMess.com

When it comes to twitter parties – these sisters know how to rock it! I have watched them grow their Twitter account for years now, and even maintained it through a rebrand, which is super hard to do. These girls also seem to really know what they are doing when it comes to videos. I have been wanting to break into videos more, and to really get editing down, but I could use some pointers. The Magical Mess siblings know just what it takes and I would love to learn and grow from them.

Carol Jones – AllMommyWants.com

One thing that I fully admit I lack in sometimes is website design. I am not great at graphics, webpage layout, and creating logos. I know that Carol is. In fact, she does these services for a lot of bloggers and everyone raves about her. I enjoy checking out all of the work that she does for others, as well as herself. Seeing her speak at a conference would inspire many bloggers to revamp their sites to their optimal potential! I would love to learn how she does it.

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