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Disney Kids Playdate

We are what you would call a Disney family. We are Disney Vacation Club members and go to the parks at least once a year. We have also been on a Disney Cruise twice in the last year. We love all things Disney and pretty much any get-together or party we put together has a Disney theme. The last two years we were selected to host a Disney Preschool Playdate, and this year I was picked again.

Disney Kids Playdate

I always feel so lucky when I get chosen for these because the packages they send are incredible. This year everything was inside of an American Tourister Sofia the First suitcase. I was really excited because American Tourister is my favorite luggage brand – every single suitcase we own is from them. They are really well made, super durable, and there are so many different designs to choose from. I love showing off my love for Disney with them.

Disney Kids Playdate

Inside the suitcase was a bunch of items that would help us throw the perfect playdate party! From games to necessities like plates, napkins, and cups. There was even a Finding Nemo Pillow Pet that my youngest daughter claimed immediately. HP was nice enough to throw in a TON of Social Media Snapshots – you can print your own photos with a sticky back! HP also included a card and invitation kit so we could create invited to our playdate. They even included Pop Secret Popcorn and Suave Handsoap with Lotion – they seriously thought of everything! We had a ton of fun and I wanted to pass along some game ideas for throwing your own Disney Playdate Party!


Magic Match
Magic Match is a memory game that features some of Disney World’s favorite rides. Kids love this game!

Download Here —–> DisneyKids Magic Match

Character Charades
This game is one of my favorites. Print out the cards and put them in a bowl, hat, or bucket. Each guest will choose one card and act out that character while others guess who they are.

Download Here —–> DisneyKids Character Charades

Fab Fortune Tellers
This really brings me back to when I was in school. Fortune Tellers were one of my favorite things to make and do with friends.

Download Here —–> DisneyKids Fab Fortune Tellers

Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt
This game is a ton of fun! Simply print out these Mickey heads and place them around the house. Kids will search to find the hidden Mickeys! We love looking for hidden Mickeys at the parks and on cruises, so this game reminds us of being on a Disney vacation!

Download Here —–> DisneyKids Hidden Mickey

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