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How to Spend Your Me Time


Me time? What is that? I hear you shout. For moms in the 21 st century, there doesn’t seem to be much ‘me time’. Many work busy jobs, as well as looking after their families. Those that stay at home have lives full of kid’s appointments and events, or they are just with the children, all the time, which can be more challenging than anything else. You need some time off. Let the mom guilt go, and spend a little time every week, doing something for you.



Starting a new exercise program or an active hobby is a brilliant way of doing something for yourself. You’ll be fitter and healthier, but exercise also reduces stress, and can help with depression. You don’t need much time, and you will feel amazing afterwards. Starting a running program, such as a couch to 5k, is brilliant for beginners and those short on time, as you only need 45 minutes. Swimming is a better choice if you suffer from any injuries or disabilities. There are even online workouts you could do while the kids are in bed if you can’t get out on your own.


Studying, perhaps an online course such as an online MSW is a great way to spend your time. It doesn’t need to be stressful, as an online course allows you to study at your own pace, and you’ll feel a great sense of achievement. Who knows, a masters in social work online could even lead to an exciting new career.

Have a Pamper Night

Treat yourself. Put the kids to bed. Have a long bubble bath, order a takeout, buy yourself a box of your favorite chocolates and put on your favorite DVD. Have a night that’s just for you, full of your favorite things. Make yourself feel special without trying to please anyone else. Sometimes it’s the simple things like these that make us feel the best.

Spend Time with Friends

Laughter is the best way to reduce stress and be happy. If you can’t get out, invite your friends round for dinner once the kids are in bed, or go on a big family day out with everyone. Talk to them about any problems or concerns, or just enjoy being in good company. Even when you are busy, try to make this a regular thing.



Reading is one of the best ways to escape real life. When we are younger we have so much time to read for pleasure, then kids come along, and there are other things we need to do. However, this is when you need that escape the most. Live someone else’s life for a while; this can be exceptionally relaxing. If you love to read, a Kindle could be a great investment.

Try a New Hobby

Craft hobbies are a good way to relax, as they take a lot of concentration, but you see instant results. Painting or creating are good options, but if you’re not an artistic person, why not try adult coloring? This is thought to be great for reducing stress.

Whatever activities you choose to do be sure to enjoy them. Make the most of your time alone and allow yourself to be you. Not a mommy, or a wife, just you. Get in touch with yourself again. You’ll be a much better mom for it.

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