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Technology is really affecting more and more parts of our lives. Smartphones, for example, are inseparable parts of our everyday activities. Most of us wouldn’t even leave the house before our smartphones have a 100% charge. Naturally, technology is also shaping up other industries, including healthcare. According to studies compiled by Northeastern University and its online MBA degree department, there are a lot of startups that are changing the future of healthcare today.

The Beijing Genomics Institute is the leading organization in DNA and genome-sequencing. Their research will help us understand so much more about DNA. Partners Healthcare is also going down the genome route, investing over $1 billion a year in drug discovery and DNA testing. To complete our top 3, we have Foundation Medicine. This organization focuses more on genome testing to help physicians treat specific types of cancer.

You can learn more about the top healthcare startups from the 12 Startups That Are Shaping the Future of Healthcare infographic by

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