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There are more illnesses than ever threatening the wellbeing of our children – and ourselves – these days. Cases of children getting diagnosed with diabetes are being found across the country. Worryingly, the number of diabetic children is on the rise. The combination of a bad diet, too much sugar intake and lack of exercise are pinpointed as the main causes of this rise. Children’s love for sugary food and video games may be at fault.

The good news is that the University of Arizona and its Masters in Nursing online program confirmed that diabetes, especially Type 2 Diabetes, can be prevented by making a number of changes to your lifestyle. More outdoor activities, a more balanced diet and enough sleep at night can help keep our children healthy and happy. There are also oral drugs that can help restore the body’s insulin production in most cases.

To learn more, read the Understanding Chronic Conditions: Diabetes infographic by the University of Arizona.


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