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Every day millions of people hit the road on their way to their destination. Unfortunately, in that same day, car accidents abound all over the country. While some are small fender benders, others end up being fatal.

Teen drivers are especially at risk of getting in an auto accident due to their lack of driving experience. As a parent, it is our job to ensure they are well prepared when driving on the road. This is not only for their safety, but the safety of their passengers and other drivers on the road.

Additionally, you are likely to see your car insurance go up if there is an accident. You can check out just how much it will increase by looking at online car insurance prices. By taking a little extra time to educate them on safe driving practices, you can avoid some major catastrophes and spend less money on car insurance.

Reckless Behavior Behind the Wheel

Your teenager is not going to always act responsible due to their immaturity, but when they get behind the wheel, they need to understand the importance of driving. It is crucial that you explain to your teen the difference between being a driver and being a passenger. When behind the wheel, they should always remain attentive. Being distracted by passengers in the car, eating and drinking, using their cellphone, and having the radio turned up too loud can all be considered reckless behaviors when behind the wheel. Doing any of these things can increase the risk of having an accident. By identifying these behaviors and discussing them with your child, you can hopefully get them to understand the importance of not doing these things.

Having Their License Taking Away

As a teenager, they may not fully understand the consequences of acting reckless behind the wheel. While they know auto accidents happen, many teenagers feel like they are immortal and lack the fear needed to be a responsible driver. If fear of an auto accident doesn’t motivate your teen to be a responsible driver, then you may want to discuss some of the other repercussions like losing their license. Being able to drive is a great freedom for teen drivers allowing them to drive by themselves when they need to be somewhere. Not having to rely on parents can be great, but without a license, they are back to riding in the family car. Explain to them what happens when they get a ticket or cause an accident and how that can affect them having a license.

Increase in Insurance Rates

One of the biggest reasons you want to make sure your teen driver is practicing safe driving is due to the increase in insurance when they aren’t. Most teenagers do not understand how insurance works and how much it can cost. Show them the bill and how much it costs to insure every member of the family. Use examples from drivers who have been driving for years with no tickets and drivers who have tickets so they can see how much it increases. Additionally, you want to share with them the legal fees that can be involved with getting a ticket.

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