Celebratory season is just around the corner and before you know it your calendar will be jammed packed with parties! Plan the perfect celebration with Shopkins™ PercyVites personalized video invitations and Cakes.com decor items and get your little shopper excited about their next party. PercyVites offers quick, convenient and efficient party planning all with a click of a button and is now offering the popular Shopkins™ license to their roster of personalized invites and thank yous.

My youngest daughter turns 4 (still cannot believe that) in just a few days and she loves Shopkins! So we were thrilled to be able to send fun video invites to friends and family for her party. She had a lot of fun helping us pick a photo to use.

PercyVites offers quick, convenient and efficient party planning all with a click of a button. The personalized video invitations are perfect for people of all ages, with licensed favorites for kids and a variety of our own creations for life’s celebrations. Users can insert their own pictures, party details and messages directly into various fun clips and personally address them to each friend and family member. The Percy Party Dashboard allows for easy organization of party details and RSVPs, simplifying the party planning process for parents and children.

Nobody loves a party more than PercyVites and in honor of this celebratory time of year, Cakes.com, PercyVites and Shopkins™ have come together to make party planning easier than ever all while getting your little one excited about party shopping and wanting to help. If Shopkins isn’t your kid’s thing, PercyVites has plenty of other themes to choose from like Little Charmers, Lalaloopsy, Caillou, Franklin, Monster Jam, Octonauts and Pocoyo.

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About PercyVites
PercyVites is the most personalized interactive video tool in the party product and planning category. Users are able to create unique personalized video invitations and thank you videos by customizing clips featuring beloved licensed characters and a selection of our own creations for life’s celebrations. PercyVites was founded in 2010 by Percy3D, a video personalization platform company which powers cutting-edge immersive technology products. The Percy3D team collaborates with content owners to develop character-licensed concepts for customization using the same 3D visual effects seen in the movies. The proprietary personalization engine marks areas of video to customize with text and/or photos directly into a scene, thereby becoming part of the licensed character’s world. PercyVites can be created on smartphones, tablets, home computers, and connected TVs. For more information about PercyVites, go to www.percyvites.com.

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