No Stress Holiday Travel Tips for Families with Kids (2)

Family holidays are supposed to be about fun and relaxation. Most people don’t get much time off from work, making it important to have as little stress as possible when heading to their favourite destinations for the holidays. Unfortunately, traveling with children often makes it very hard to avoid stress, panic and emergencies all through the trip. Nobody wants to spend their holiday up to their eyeballs in stress. What are some good ways to prevent this from happening? We’ll lay out a few simple travel tips that can keep stress at bay when you’re traveling this holiday season with kids.

Lock Down Your Parking Ahead of Time

Let’s be honest: the act of getting from point A to point B with kids in tow – especially when driving – can be an absolute nightmare. Whether you’re arriving at the airport or you’re driving around in an unfamiliar city, looking for parking isn’t something that you want to be spending tons of time doing. Before you leave the house, look into parking services such as, which allows you to quickly book parking by the hour, by the day or even by the month. Whether you’re needing a space on the street or a place to store your car while on holiday, taking care of this part of the holiday travel process will save you from a lot of stress.

Organise Your Bags

Anybody who has travelled before knows that their items don’t fit back into the luggage as well on the way back as they did before departing. One way to ensure that a) you have everything you need before you go and b) can easily fit everything in your allotted space is to organise accordingly. Separate each item you’re taking with you into groups. From here, use Ziploc or plastic bags to carefully group each set of items together, where they’ll store neatly in your travel bags. This not only will make it easy to find everything once you arrive, but it keeps anything from spilling all over your travel luggage, helps you to avoid losing anything while on holiday and makes it easy to organise/repack for the trip back.

Search for Family Friendly Events and Places

When traveling with kids, all sorts of mishaps and shenanigans can take place. Whether you’re visiting family or simply taking a well-deserved holiday, it’s important that you try to incorporate family friendly activities into the holiday. By visiting an indoor playground, eating at a kid-friendly restaurant or attending select public events, you’ll be in the company of fellow families and business employees who know how to deal with children. While kids should always be on their best behaviour, you won’t be stressed out about your kids’ actions like you might at a formal restaurant setting or a concert.

Take It Slow

When you first arrive, you may be jetlagged, sleep-deprived or stressed from travel. Your kids will likely be affected by this as well, which is why it is a good idea to relax as much as possible during the first day of the trip. For each one-hour difference in time zone, it can take a full day to adjust. As you’ll probably be more active on a family-friendly holiday with kids present, expect them to become tired more easily and take this into account. If you can rest during the first bit of your holiday and make sure to end days relatively early, you’ll avoid worn-out nerves and cranky, tired children.

There are of course a million different things you should consider when traveling with kids at least be sure to take care of parking/transit ahead of time, organise your luggage, seek out family friendly activities and rest as much as possible when necessary.

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