I really like that Loot Crate has several different boxes – LootCrate, LootWear (formally Level Up), & LootPets are my favorites – and I get them each month. They also have LootCrate DX, LootAnime, and LootGaming. The August 2016 Loot Crate theme was ANTI-HERO and below are the items that each of my boxes included. I was thrilled to see so much Harley Quinn because I LOVE her – and Dead – errrr – Dogpool was a great addition too!

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Loot Crate

Are you doing the right thing for the wrong reason? Do the less-than-moral means justify the positive ends? Would you do anything to achieve your goal…except for that one thing because it’s against your code? Congratulations, you’re at ANTI-HERO!

Exclusive Harley Quinn Q-Fig (QMx)
Harley’s had a lot of looks the last few years but the classic never goes out of style. With this figure designed exclusively for Loot Crate and its Looters by Quantum Mechanix, Ms. Quinn is rocking her original suit with one of her pet hyenas (it may be Bud, it may be Lou, we’re not 100% sure). How could we not want it?!

Exclusive Archer T-Shirt (Ripple Junction)
Kenny Loggins can only serve for so long so declare your support for the next President of the Danger Zone with this tee! With the elections and presidential conventions on everyone’s minds, we thought it appropriate for our first Archer item.

Exclusive Kill Bill Socks (Loot Crate Labs)
Replicate The Bride’s killer style without having to fight anyone to death. We love all things Tarantino, so Loot Crate designed these outrageous socks as an homage to the beautiful Beatrix, one of our favorite anti-heroes.

Exclusive Hellboy Coin Bank (Zak Designs)
Would you try to steal from Hellboy? Of course not! The Right Hand of Doom will keep your change safe or just look good on your desk or shelf. Our curators strive to find new products you’ve never seen before and this was designed specifically for our Looters.

Make your own playable Anti-Hero in one of the biggest MMORPGs of all time!


Loot Pets

Harley Quinn Squeaking Plush Mallot Pull Toy (The Coop)
Harley Quinn’s making her live-action debut in Suicide Squad, so we put her iconic mallet in the crate for your little monster to chew, tug on, and POW its enemies in the face with!

Exclusive Mallet Smackers Treats (Loving Pets)
These drool-worthy dog treats pack a mighty wallop of all-natural chicken and cranberry taste into every bite. Use them to reward your furry friend’s good behavior! Puppy dog eyes.

Exclusive Dogpool “Head of the Pack” T-Shirt (Fifth Sun)
Over on Earth-103173 Deadpool’s a dog. A Dogpool. Who occasionally hangs our with a disembodied, zombie Headpool. Bring your pup to the head of the pack with this stylish tee – the first dog shirt ever to feature these members of the Deadpool Crops! Oh, and there’s one for you, too.

Exclusive World of Warcraft Sylvanas Charm
Sylvanas is one of our favorite anti-heroes in gaming! She’s unmatched on the battlefield, but this cool charm totally matches August’s Loot Crate pin!


Loot Wear

Loot SocksExclusive Suicide Squad Socks

Loot SocksExclusive Punisher Socks

Loot WearableExclusive Archer Baseball Tee

Loot TeeExclusive World of Warcraft Sylvanas T-Shirt

Loot For HerExclusive Harley Quinn Skirt

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