I really like that Loot Crate has several different boxes – regular LootCrate, Loot Crate Lvl Up+, & Loot Pets are my favorites. They also have LootCrate DX, LootAnime, and LootGaming. The May 2016 Loot Crate theme was WELCOME TO DYSTERIA and below are the items that each of my boxes included. What a great month! Subscribe to Loot Crate here for $5 off your first month!

Loot Crate

Loot Crate

Fallout 4 Power Armor Dorbz (Funko)
Protection against a harsh landscape has never been so adorable! A big fan of the highly detailed paint & deco on the Dorbz line, we wanted to makes sure our Looters had one to add to their collections.

Exclusive Terminator 2 Metal Print (Loot Crate Lab)
Yesterday’s enemy can be today’s friend who helps you defeat a shape-shifting puddle of dangerous metallic goop. We’re commemorating the 25th anniversary of one of our favorite sci-fi films ever with this very special keepsake.

Exclusive RoboCop T-Shirt (Grey Matter Art)
Greeting, Citizen. Omni Consumer Products proudly presents the newest weapon against crime! From Grey Matter Art, purveyors of cool, limited-edition entertainment artwork, this graphic has never seen duty on a t-shirt before. We recommend cold wash/hang dry to prevent shrinkage and keep the colors bright and vivid.

Exclusive The Matrix Puzzle (Cardinal Games)
Is your mind as nimble as the good people of Zion? Let this 300-piece puzzle be your test! Featuring brand new artwork developed just for Looters, we’re unveiling it here!

Exclusive Bioshock Infinite Key Blank (A Crowded Coop)
For some, the key to change lies withi. In Elizabeth’s case, it’s literally in her hands – and now it’s in yours! You can display this iconic item or get it cut tounlock whatever door you choose.

This Month’s Pin: Welcome to Dystopia
This pin is the bomb. No, really. Inspired by Fallout 4, it will unlock a dynamite digital game download!

Loot Crate Level Up

Loot Crate Level Up

Fashion. Fashion always changes. But that’s why we love it! Whether you’re fighting to survive the wasteland, holding on to your humanity in the reaches of space or keeping hope alive here on Earth, we’ll make sure you look good doing it. Welcome to the DYSTOPIA collection. This month, scavenge in style with these exclusive clothes and accessories from Firefly, Fallout 4, Attack on Titan and more!

Loot SocksExclusive Fallout 4 Gas Mask Socks
Guard your feet from the dangerous chemicals of the wasteland with these gas mask themed socks! Warning: please wear with sturdy shoes when venturing into the Commonwealth.

Loot SocksExclusive Star Trek Enterprise Socks
Socks, the final frontier. The Starship Enterprise joins you on your adventures in the colorful tribute to the crew boldly exploring the universe.

Loot WearableExclusive Ghostbusters Baseball Jersey
There’s nothing strange about this awesome Ghostbusters Baseball Jersey! Protect the city and take down the supernatural in this stylish yet functional wearable.

Loot TeeExclusive District 9 Multi-National United T-Shirt
Help pave the way to unity and defend Earth with this Multi-National United tee. Welcome to the MNU, recruit!

Loot For HerExclusive Firefly Kaylee Hanging Travel Case
The perfect accessory for any Captain Tightpants, this engineer-friendly case is ready to travel anywhere in the ‘verse.

Loot For HerExclusive Attack on Titan Adjustable Choker Necklace
As a member of The Survey Corps, you are the hope of mankind! Display your pride with this adjustable choker featuring the Scout Regiment insignia: The Wings of Freedom.

Loot Pets June 2016

Loot Pets

I love Loot Pets because my dog is a total nerd too. She is a pug and her name is Khaleesi (Game of Thrones reference) so clearly she is a geek like me. My favorite thing about this subscription box is the matching shirts for myself and her (and OK my husband likes to match her too). This month was themed Dogtopia and I loved everything that we got. Welcome to Dogtopia! We’re celebrating all your dog’s favorite fandoms like “bacon” “burgers” and “pizza”! Loot Pets supports pets in need by donating to the Warrior Dog Foundation, International Animal Rescue and the Search Dog Foundation!

Exclusive Dogtopia Dog T-Shirt (Loot Pet Labs)
Are you readt for a tomorrow worth wagging your tail over? Head to Dogtopia! This snazzy souvenir tee from Dogtopia will make your canine companion the envy of the whole dog park!

Exclusive Dogtopia Human T-Shirt (Loot Pet Labs)
Let your fluffy friend take you on a trip to pup paradise with this stylish tee! Wherther you’re going on a long walk, a ride in the car, or just hanging out on the couch, your dog’s best day is always one spent with you!

Exclusive Fire Hydrant Collar Charm (Loot Pet Labs)
Business meets playtime! This fun Dogtopia charm is designed to help your dog remember to aim, even on aimless walks through the neighborhood.

Plush Food Toy (JAKKS Pacific)
Let your pup play with their food! Each crate contains one of three delicious-looking plush toys with reinforced stitching to stand up to even the messiest eaters. Comes in Hotdog, Cheeseburger, and Pizza Slice.

Exclusive Bliss Burgers Dog Treats (Loot Pet Labs)
The best way to give your dog a taste of the good life? Letting them take a blissful bite of one of these delicious beef patty treats, made in the USA with all natural ingredients!

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