I have 3 and 5 year old daughters, so of course, there is a strong love of dolls in our house. They each have their favorites that they carry around with them everywhere. A couple of years ago for my oldest’s birthday, she received two Our Generation dolls. She was so sweet and instantly gave one to her little sister so they could each have one. These dolls have been through the ringer, but have really held up. They have been on family vacations with us and have slept in my girls’ beds nearly every night since they came to our house. Right around Christmas time, we got the Our Generation Kitchen Set (which I included in my 2015 Gifts for Kids Holiday Gift Guide) and it has been a huge hit.

Recently, Our Generation sent over two brand new dolls – along with tons of accessories – and my girls flipped. They were so happy that their dolls had new friends living with them. Not to mention all of the new outfits they received for them like a baseball uniform, safari outfit, and beach wear. We also received four fun playsets including a day at the beach, a day at the fair, and around the campfire! These are really cool because they come with everything you need to transform your play area into these places for your dolls. For example, the around the campfire has all the items your friends need to make so-mores and enjoy themselves around a campfire! My girls already have quite the imagination, but with these, the possibilities are endless!

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Our Generation has a wide variety of dolls to choose from so your little ones can select a new friend that looks just like them – or however they want! The dolls themselves are extremely well made – as I had mentioned before, ours have been through the ringer and still look as good as new. I love that they come with care instructions for their hair, which is easily the hardest part to maintain of any doll. If you are looking for a gift for the little girl in your life, look no further than Our Generation dolls & accessories – pick yours up at Target.com or a Target near you!

Our Generation

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