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I really like that Loot Crate has several different boxes – regular LootCrate, Loot Crate Lvl Up+, & Loot Pets are my favorites. They also have LootCrate DX, LootAnime, and LootGaming. The May 2016 Loot Crate theme was POWER and below are the items that each of my boxes included. What a great month! Subscribe to Loot Crate here for $5 off your first month!

May 16 Loot Crate

Loot Crate

I always look forward to seeing what is inside of my  monthly mystery box. I am a huge nerd, so I usually love every single thing inside Loot Crate and this month’s box included some pretty amazing items!

Hulk Q-Fig (QMx)
Wonder why you didn’t spot the Hulk in Captain America: Civil War? Because Loot Crate grabbed him and put him in this month’s crate! We have a hulk. This epic figure crushed every other candidate and is notable for its detailed facial snarl and the raw, kinetic power of its stance.

Exclusive Warcraft T-Shirt (Legendary)
Channel your inner Horde or Alliance with this authentic, licensed silhouette design chosen to celebrate the film’s release!

Exclusive Infinity Guantlet Oven Mitt (ICUP, INC)
Whether cooking or cosplaying, it is said this magical mitt will grant you omnipotent powers beyond belief! Or at least protect you from burning yourself. Decorated with the six Infinity Gems, the mitt protects hands up to 500 degrees. Fine, I’ll bake it myself!

Exclusive Dragon Ball Z Shenron Lush Keychain (Surreal Entertainment)
We summoned Shenron from the raging fires of the Easrth’s core and wished for our first ever Dragon Ball Z item.

This Month’s Pin: POWER
Styled after one of Battleborn’s AI minions, wear is proudly to celebrate your in-game victories (or just because robots are cool)!

May 16 Loot Crate Level Up

Loot Crate Level Up

I am kind of obsessed with Loot Crate Level Up. This subscription box is filled (and I mean FILLED) with geeky apparel. From socks to long sleeve T-Shirt to accessories – they have it all.

Loot SocksExclusive Super Mario Bros. Super Star Socks
Who knew plumbing involved so much running, jumping, and stepping on bad guys? Luckily, with these Super Star socks, you’ll be downright invincible. Just try to avoid stray banana peels.

Loot SocksExclusive He-Man Crew Socks
Get ready to throw on The most Powerful Socks in the Universe to defend your feet against Skeletor’s evil forces. Or, y’know, just keep your feet warm and look better than Prince Adam does in this sweet vest.

Loot WearableExclusive Lord of the Rings “Preciousss” Long Sleeve Shirt
You know how the rhyme goes: One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in your closet bind them… Or something. One thing’s for sure, with this precious long sleeve shirt, you’ll be anything but invisible!

Loot TeeMasters of the Universe Battle Cat T-Shirt
BY THE POWER OF totally not GRAY shirt! Join the rest of the Masters of the T-Shirt Universe when you say the words, put on this epic tee and take your style from cringe(r)-worthy to Battl (Cat) ready.

Loot For HerExclusive Marvel Heroes Charm Bracelet
Ensemble assemble! There’;s no need for a Civil War, because no matter who your favorite Avenger is, this fun charm bracelet is the perfect accent to any look.

Loot For HerSuper Mario Bros. Infinity Scarf
The princes may be in another castle, but she left a fantastically fashionable accessory behind. Whether you’re headed to a (Mario) party or going on a solo adventure, power up your next outfit with this stylish viscose scarf.

LootPets May 16

Loot Pets

I love Loot Pets because my dog is a total nerd too. She is a pug and her name is Khaleesi (Game of Thrones reference) so clearly she is a geek like me. My favorite thing about this subscription box is the matching shirts for myself and her (and OK my husband likes to match her too). This month’s theme, like the rest of Loot Crate, was POWER. Here is everything that came in it:

Mega Man Rush Dog T-Shirt
There’s nothing stronger than the power of friendship! Well, except for jet legs. Dress up the Rush to your Mega Man in this stylish tee and head to the next level!

Mega Man Rush Human T-Shirt
Don’t worry, there’s a shirt for you too! The Blue Bomber is Rush Jetting into action atop his faithful robotic dog, and now you can celebrate your not-so-robotic canine companion in style!

Kong Airdog Dumbbell
Two of the gretest dog toys of all time have combined in a powerful new form! Pump up your pup with this bumbbell-shaped toy that brings together tennis balls and squeakers! Plus, the non-abrasive felt won’t defeat your dog’s teeth.

Exclusive Chicken Chargers Treats
The pathway to ultimate power is paved with delicious chicken treats. Probably. These all-natural treats are packed with protein and unstoppable flavor!

Exclusive Power Charm
Forget horsepower, this month is all about pup power! Attach this charm to your dog’s collar for the ultimate power-up!

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