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Disney Infinity may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that my family and I can still enjoy countless hours playing all three versions. This will continue to be a family favorite in our house – especially the new Marvel Battlegrounds which enables us all to play together (even my 3 year old). As I am sure you know, Alice Through the Looking Glass recently hit theaters and now there are three characters from that film available as Disney Infinity Figures. These can be used in the toy box, but do not have their own playset, unfortunately.

Alice Disney Infinity Mad Hatter Disney Infinity Time Disney Infinity

My 5 year old loves using the toy box – and she is quite good at it – so she was thrilled to see these three new characters join the ranks. We are huge Alice in Wonderland fans and these guys exceeded our expectations. My daughter says her favorite is Mad Hatter, but I am partial to playing Time myself. Mad Hatter is really cool because he tosses his hat. My daughter loves this attack of his. I like Time because he can slow and stop time, which is pretty fun. My favorite part about Alice is using her flamingo croquet stick to attack enemies! Honestly, even without the game (which is a ton of fun), these make some really cool collectibles or toys. All three are compatible only with Disney Infinity 3.0 toy box.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Disney Infinity in Box

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