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Scout's Tool Box

My daughters love pretending to be builders. My husband is an engineer so and is always building something in the garage so my girls are constantly asking to help with things like hammers and screw drivers. I was so excited to be able to give them Scout’s Build and Discover Tool Set from LeapFrog because I knew they would love it! Not only can they use their imagination to build things just like daddy, but they can learn by matching colors, and working on their number skills.

Scout's Tool Box

As children go to work on the Build & Discover Doghouse, Scout talks and sings, introducing counting and colors and encouraging children to explore each tool. Scout encourages children to count nails with him and to measure walls and windows. He also helps children find the right tool for each job by naming and matching colors; the red wrench fits the red bolt, and so on. Children build with all 5 tools – a hammer, ruler, saw, screwdriver and wrench —as they work on the 4 walls of the house, sawing, hammering and tightening screws and bolts until each hinged wall is firmly in place. Then, they add the roof for a job well done.

Scout's Tool Box    Scout's Tool Box

My girls have spent hours and hours using this tool set on not only Scout’s Doghouse, but all of their toys. My 4 year old loves it so much that she brought the green saw to show and tell at school for “Green Day”. We have many LeapFrog items so my daughters are very familiar with Scout and they were so excited to have another toy where they can play and learn with him!

Scout's Tool Box

Designed by LeapFrog experts and tested with families throughout its development, the Build & Discover Doghouse builds foundational preschool skills while introducing toddlers to their first step-by-step building project. Children engage in purposeful play as they discover the “job” of each tool, assemble a house wall by wall and complete a home for their puppy friend. Counting, measuring and color matching are integral to getting the job done, giving kids a chance to see how these concepts apply to real-world settings. This would make a great holiday gift for any little builder!

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