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LectroSound Jr

LectroFan Jr. delivers the advanced sound technology behind the trusted LectroFan line of products while also providing music box sounds to play classic nursery rhyme songs. The LectroFan Jr. offers unique engineered nursery rhyme tones and promotes an ideal sleep environment for the whole family with the 12 non-repeating fan sounds and white noises. Doctors and sleep experts recommend a consistent, relaxing sleep routine for newborns and older babies. Freeing a child’s sleep environment of jarring or distracting outside noises is a crucial step in creating a soothing space for sleep. The LectroFan Jr. provides nursery rhyme tones and background sounds to reduce household noise, neighborhood traffic, snoring, and even the unexpected noises found when travelling. The adjustable volume control and 60 minute incremental sleep timer lets you adjust to any environment. The compact size is perfect for nurseries, day care centers, apartments, multi-child households, busy neighborhoods, or any sleep environment where unwanted, disturbing, or intrusive noises are a problem. The LectoFan Jr. is perfect for travelling anywhere with its compact size and USB power supply. You can bring along the sounds when you travel to help create a familiar sleeping environment for your family.

I love having mine for my youngest daughter. She has always had a hard time sleeping. I wish we got this about a year ago – we would have been sleeping through the night a lot more often! I could tell right away how well this was made and we have not gone a night without using it since it arrived. It is literally a miracle in a box! This holiday season, give your whole family the gift of a good night’s sleep!

LectroFan Jr

Features Include:

  • Music box sounds delivering 18 nursery rhymes with shuffle play
  • 12 unique non-repeating fan sounds/white noises.
  • Wide range adjustable volume and sleep timer
  • Built-in speaker compensation to create an ideal sleeping environment for babies and parents
  • Portable, lightweight, and compact size perfect for travel
  • Upward facing speaker for full room sound
  • Sleep Timer can be set for gentle turn off in 60 minute intervals or left on all night
  • Powered using USB. Can be plugged into computer or AC Adapter (included).

LectroFan also has sleep machines for adults.
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