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My daughters are getting really in to technology. Yes, my youngest is only 2.5 and my oldest just turned 4 over the summer – but they are good at it. When they first saw the commercials for Stikbots they started begging for them. Little did I know that I would get the chance to check them out. When I surprised them with some Stikbots a couple of weeks ago, they were thrilled! My 4 year old asked to start making her video right away. I had to download the Stikbot Studios app first but that only took a few moments. The app is free and available for iOS and Android. It was a lot easier to use than I thought it was going to be, honestly. I was a little nervous it would be a mess trying to do this with my young girls – but it ended up being so much fun! A few times a Stikbot leg or arm would pop off the surface when we did not want it to – but I think that was because my daughters did not push it down hard enough when moving them. Once my husband or I fixed it, it stuck much better.


The app itself has different music and sound effect selections that you can add to your stop-motion video – you can even record your own! I love that the package comes with a stand for your cellphone so that you do not have to worry about holding it perfectly still as you take lots of photos to make the video. We made several videos before we settled on that we wanted to share. Our dog kept walking in the background and making appearances in our videos – which looked silly because all of a sudden she would pop up, and then be gone. I suggest finding a place to shoot that is against a wall so that you do not have these incidents. But with Stikbot Studio, everywhere can become your stage! We made videos in the kitchen, the girls’ bedrooms, and finally settled on a bench up against our wall so that we did not have any unscheduled guest appearances. My only issue I have is that it is hard to get the camera to focus on your Stikbots sometimes – but that could be an issue with my phone, I am not sure. My daughters have been having a blast playing with these. I think they would make a great holiday gift for any child – but maybe focus on ages 6 and up unless you want to do a lot of the work with them. It can definitely be a fun family activity!

Stikbot products can be purchased at Target, Toys R Us, Amazon, Walmart, and more!

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