love wins

I must say that this is the perfect Behind the Blogger topic for this week. Yes, Independence Day is coming up this weekend – but more importantly, the Supreme Court just ruled that marriage is marriage and love is love. No matter the gender. I am over the moon about this decision and no, I am not part of the LGBT community. However, I do support them, wholeheartedly. I have several family members and friends that are part of it, but even if I didn’t, I would support them.


There is no reason to think that someone should not be happy just because of the way they are born. I am tired of seeing people say “this isn’t about hate.” Yes, yes it is. Why else would you not want someone to be happy? To be able to marry who they wish to marry because they love them. There is absolutely no reason behind it (and please don’t try to quote the bible because there is a whole list of things that you can’t do according to the bible that I am willing to bet you do). I get that some people have differing opinions and that is OK. This is a free country and I support your right to think what you want. But I don’t support you spewing hate or trying to cram it down my throat. The ruling was made. Try to just be happy for these people. Please. Everyone deserves happiness. If you truly feel, in your heart, that members of the LGBT community do not deserve to be married, then I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that you have that much hate inside of you that you care what someone else does, when it doesn’t affect you in the least. It is not contagious ya know. These people were born that way. Just like others are born with darker skin or disabilities. They are who they are and no one should make them feel like that is not OK. There is no justifiable reason to hate someone so much (that you don’t even know) that you wish them to not be happy.

This is all about equal rights. Do you remember when women couldn’t vote? When African Americans had to drink from separate water fountains and use separate bathrooms? It all seems ridiculous now, doesn’t it? That is because it is ridiculous. I find peace knowing that when my daughters are older, they will be shocked to learn that men marrying men and women marrying women was once illegal. We now live in a country where people can be who they are – and marry who they want to marry – no matter their gender, race, or religion. Be who you want to be – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – and don’t settle for anything less.

This is my kinda freedom. 

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