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Baby Love WrapI love babywearing – and toddler wearing! I wore both my girls a lot when they were younger and I still do every now and then. It is so much easier to have both hands while trying to do something and hold your child. I highly recommend getting yourself a baby wrap if you are pregnant or have a newborn. Newborns sleep A LOT. I used to be able to get so much housework done while my daughter was secured nice and snug to my chest and sleeping. It is hard to find a decent wrap but this Baby Love Baby Wrap that I was lucky enough to recently try is one of the good ones!

Baby Love Wrap     Baby Love Wrap

My daughters loved being carried in wraps as babies – and they still do as toddlers. They love to look around and observe and still feel the comfort of their mother’s heartbeat and warm chest. If you plan to breastfeed than carrying your baby can really help with production levels as well. There is a bond that is formed while carrying your baby close that I cannot even describe. This baby wrap has really impressed me. It is strong and durable – and the material is super soft. I used a wrap in the past from another brand (I won’t say who) that sagged a lot while carrying heavier children and this one doesn’t. We all love it! Even my husband gets in on the babywearing action! The Baby Love Baby Wrap will allow you to carry your child up to 32 pounds. Grab yours now!

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