This morning I was thinking about how my daughters are growing so quickly in front of my eyes. I was thinking back on how we moved from Florida to New York when my youngest daughter was less than 2 weeks old. Yes, we drove across the country, in January, with a newborn baby. And I was breastfeeding so that meant stopping every 2 hours to nurse her. It took almost 3 days and was a crazy trip. But I am so glad we did it. I realized that my oldest had her second birthday up here in New York. She really did not have much of a life down in Florida and has now lived here longer than she did there. Seems ridiculous to me since I spent so many years there. It is hard to imagine my life before her. But, back on topic, as I was thinking about this I realized that I never posted about her 2nd birthday because I was not yet blogging. I know a lot of my readers like to see my birthday party themes so I wanted to go ahead and share her Bubble Guppies second birthday.

Cucumbers, Cream Cheese, and Goldfish

I took a lot of ideas from Pinterest and from and we had a great day! My husband made her an “ocean” themed dress – he is so handy like that – while I worked on the snacks and decorations. I cut up cucumbers and put cream cheese on them (dyed blue to look like water), and stuck goldfish on top. These came out really cute and the kids actually loved them!

The Birthday Girl with the Bubble Guppies!

I found a printout online where the kids could have their picture taken with the Bubble Guppies! They all really loved doing this and I got some cute photos. We played lots of games like Pin the Tail on Molly, and Pin the Tail on Gil. We even had a bounce house! And the cake came out amazing, thanks to my awesome sister-in-law. Mommy and Daddy spoiled the birthday girl with an ATV! It was a great day and I cannot believe she will be turning FOUR this year! Where does the time go?

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