I am sure if you have ever come to my blog before, even just once, you know that I love to play board games. Something about the family bonding and the laughs, I don’t know, I just love it. Playing games is my absolute favorite pasttime. SET Games has many great games that you can use for the perfect game night! Imagine the adults playing at one table while the kiddos play their own easy and fun game on the floor or at another table. Sounds pretty perfect doesn’t it?

SET Junior is the perfect game for little ones. It is for ages 3+ but my 2 year old grasps the concept of it and actually does really well playing it. This is a game that the kids can play without your help if you like. That means that you can play Karma (more on that game in a bit) and not have to worry about them. The concept of SET Junior is to make sets – match cards, more or less. They can have the same color, shape, or number and they are a set. There are two sides to this board (two games in one!) and my girls tend to gravitate more towards the board with the tiles printed on it. Each child has a hand of tiles and they take turns matching theirs on the board until the make sets. If they complete a set, they get a chip. If you have the most chips at the end, you win!


The other side of the board is for kids a little bit older. When my nephews come over and play, the kids really like to play that side. My oldest nephew is 7 and he kind of runs the game for them. In this version cards are placed face up on the board. There are no turns so when you see a set you just yell “SET!” and collect those cards. I always hear lots of laughing and giggling – and yelling – when they play this version. I enjoy playing this one with the girls a lot – it really is a lot of fun! Purchase Set Junior Here.

OK, now on to Karma. This card game is for ages 8+, 2 to 6 players, and is one of the games us adults like to play on game night. It always brings a few laughs! The goal of this game is pretty simple, to get rid of all your cards. Each turn, play a card of equal or higher value. If you can’t you just might end up picking up the entire discard pile! Yikes! KARMA cards (which play like wild cards) can get you out of a jam, but What Goes Around…Comes Around so be careful! The last player with cards loses the game. My favorite KARMA card is the “Give the Pile to a Friend” card. It is always fun to watch them grown, although, as the game says, it usually bites me in the behind! Purchase Karma Here.

As you can see, SET Games really have a game for all ages! Pick up a few and I promise, you will be hosting the best Family Fun Night anyone has ever seen!

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