I love to let my girls express themselves. That is why they pick out their own outfits – even if they end up with two different socks on and a leotard over their clothes! I think it is really important at this stage in life, to just let them do what they want. It isn’t hurting anybody, so why not? It is this mindset that had me really excited about Motto Flip Flops! They allow a child to change the charms on their footwear whenever they feel like it!

First things first, yes, I know it is winter here in upstate New York, but that does not mean the girls can’t wear flip flops around the house. Motto Flip Flops come in a really cool lunchbox style carrying case that had my girls jumping up and down! They could not wait to open it up. Once my 3 year old saw what was inside, she was so happy. My husband always wears flip flops, sometimes even in the snow, so she was excited to be like daddy. She put them right on her feet before I could even show her the charms!


Motto Flip Flops come with surfer monkey charms that are super cute! Several other charms are sold separately. As I opened up the sets of charms that we received, my girls started grabbing at them. They looked at every single charm up close and personal before deciding which ones would go on the flip flops first. After they selected the ones they wanted, we were able to store the other charms in a “corkboard” that is attached to the inside of the lunchbox carrying case! She has already changed out her charms twice since we opened this package up a few days ago. They are really easy to pop in and out – she can do them mostly by herself!


I think that these flip flops would make the perfect gift for any child. They will love collecting all the charms and decorating their flip flops to go with their mood. These Motto Flip Flops also come with a really nice knapsack for your little one! Purchase yours direct from their website or on Amazon here.


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