A Monthly Box for Teens and Tweens!

I love the idea of a monthly box for teens and tweens to let them know they are beautiful – just the way they are. We need that in this day and age, in my opinion. There is too much focus on appearance when it comes to young girls. I would be lying if I said it is not something I am worried about with my girls. I was so excited to see that iBbeautful took the initiative on this and is providing a subscription service to help young girls feel beautiful!
iBBeautiful has two age groups to choose from: 8-12 and 13+. Then you can select the Basic Box, which include 4-6 awesome girly items, or the Graphic Tee Box, which includes those items PLUS a cool T-Shirt! You can also choose to order just one box (think Christmas?!), a month to month subscription, or 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions. In the iBbeautiful basic box that I received was a Snifty Pencil, a Mirror and Comb Set, a Beauty Junky Strawberry Gel Mask, Lace Up Socks, a Live Natural Bracelet, and an NYC Subway Line bag.

The Snifty Pencil ($3 Value) is a pretty cool idea! It is a scented pencil! The one I received is decorated with cotton candy and smells delicious! I sometimes chew on pencils anyways, this is way too tempting.


The Mirror & Comb set ($6 Value) is super cute! It is an adorable little bear. The back of it’s head is a mirror and then it’s body pulls out and is a comb! I did not even know what it was at first. My girls love it!

The Beauty Junky Strawberry Gel Mask ($3 Value) is amazing! I have used these before and was so excited to see one in the box! It smells amazing and my face always feels great after using it!

The Lace Up Socks ($8 Value) are really cute! I love the lightning symbol on them. I feel like a super hero! They are comfy too.

The Live Natural Bracelet ($14 Value) is made out of leather, clay, and rope and is really trendy. I like the style of it and of course the “World Peace” message it displays.

The NYC Subway Line Coin Purse ($22 Value) is my favorite item! It is super cute and I actually needed a new coin purse so it was perfect.

This box’s theme was New Beginnings. It was designed for the first month of school for these teen/tweens and to help them start their year off right. I really love the concept of this box and highly recommend it for anyone with girls that age in their life! Subscribe here and connect with iBbeautiful on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

I received this free in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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